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Dien Rice
January 17, 2017, 06:33 AM
Imagine your friend invited you to go catch some shrimp, and you agree to go along for the ride.

So, you get in his jeep, expecting to head towards the ocean to find the shrimp...

But he heads away from the ocean and lakes... Towards the desert!

You'd think he was nuts, right?

But not in Australia...

In Australia, there's an animal called the "shield shrimp"... it lives in the desert.

But it doesn't live long.

When the rains come, the eggs hatch, and the young shield shrimp hatch, mature quickly, and mate! They have to produce more eggs before the pools dry up again...

When the pools dry up, the creatures die. However, their eggs can last for up to 7 years!

The eggs are very light, and can be blown by the wind. That's why there are even shield shrimp on top of Uluru (Ayer's Rock)!

Just a fun factoid I wanted to share with you... :)


Unusual 'shield shrimps' flood the Australian Outback following heavy rain - after seven years hiding beneath the sand

Alien-looking shrimp of the desert appear in Central Australia after flooding rains

Key to Australian Freshwater and Terrestrial Invertebrates

Best wishes,


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