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January 17, 2017, 09:05 PM
33 Personalized gifts. Always a market for this, are you handy? Maybe get the wife and kids involved. Here are some ideas for you:
And don't forget Christmas too, many people have birthdays around this time too;

Well, how you doing?

Got some ideas? See, there is a big world out there of opportunity, you could get lost, scattered or just overwhelmed. The very best thing for you, is what is for you. IF you take some time and carefully analyze these opportunities within the framework of YOU,
your skills. Personality, attitude, aptitude, desires...then making money isn't only easy, it is FUN too. Do you know what you want? What is best for you? ONWARD.

THIRTY FOUR Ace of Clubs Resumes Plus Job Searching and
Employment. My other thousand dollar a day business was with Resumes and finding people jobs.

OF course, it didn't hurt me any that I was coming off of 3 years as a job developer for a county agency either. I knew a lot of businesses.

So I was able to quickly locate ideal jobs and charge accordingly. Within this industry there are several niche opportunities, we'll let 34 be the basic RESUME business, and all kinds of ways to start these. I'll give you some resources, but if really interested, I suggest you talk to me first, and for a small affordable fee, I'll help you research YOUR job market and design a plan for you to get maximum business.

Now, I have experience, but you don't need me, here are some other (and a few MORE expensive) places to get information on the Resume business. OK?


Should get you started, but my opinion is, I doubt any of these made a $1,000.00 a day either. See, writing resumes is no big deal, not a difficult thing to do, but getting CUSTOMERS. Well, that is my expertise. And now this:

The 52 scattered cards here represent a lot of work. For every idea you see and the links, there has been a lot of research and time spent. Both mine, and from other people like Dien Rice.

I subscribed to all kinds of newsletters from long ago, from George Haylings to Jim Straw, online from Ron Ruiz, Don Alm, Chase Revel back in the day with his Insider Reports. BUT, the one thing that makes me somewhat different is

I am a reporter with hands on, in the trenches, on the battle filed tested and proven EXPERIENCE.

Now, I haven't done all of these, but I've done many or have been involved with some people directly doing these things. I worked with Paul Burdick, a local magician and shopkeeper who had two SPELLBINDER shops, and I gained first hand experience with comics, cards, games, costumes, magic, all from just this experience and from this the MASCOT biz too (more later).

Anyhow, I just wanted you to know, I KNOW. Not because I read a report or a book, but because I have done, discovered or went to the source. And maybe the next source might be YOU.

Chances are you have some expertise to share. Let me help you extract your experiences and put them into cash flow.

Your experiences are STORED VALUE, and I'm very good at getting your stored value out of storage and into circulation, where the dollars flow and good times roll. Just want to make sure you understand when you speak to me, you have some idea of where I got the wisdom and knowledge to share with you, OK?
35 Video practice of interviewing skills. If you can help people with their interviewing skills, it is a great add on to a Resume Service, it is the PLUS in my former business. Here are some resources, from Forbes; http://www.forbes.com/pictures/hifk45eld/how-to-give-great-interv/#4a7d74a6196e


36 Biz Op options. A part of my resume business was doing some testing, aptitude and life testing and of course, asking the question, What do you want? Many people couldn't tell me what their IDEAL job was, so they just wanted some work. But there were a large percentage who wanted to start a side line, part time, from home little business and this is where my knowledge of Biz ops comes in.

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