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January 21, 2017, 10:56 AM

In the article is a link to Link In:


The article talks about PROJECT MANAGEMENT as being one way to a quick salary increase, and probably the best idea for your workshops or seminars is:

teach Project Management. First, my old company, New Horizons (I specialized in Excel, but today, I think Project Management would be my preference).


This gives you an idea of what a 395 buck one day course looks like. Now you could break this down, even if you aren't certified and offer introductory courses, for the 49 dollar half day. Of course you need to know how to use the software, but even then...

An introduction to PROJECT MANAGEMENT as the "poor man's mba" or a fast way to gain valuable wanted skills, you could do for 25 and still get your 4 to 6 in the door for a nice Sat. morn piece of cash.

Look over the courses at Link in Learning, and with what I've posted about Udemy, anyone here should have some easy ideas for coming up with their own courses.

And then, too, I am somewhat available to help you (the doers) design your own school, workshops, or simple MOUTHING OFF cash cows.


PS. A throwback to UTTER PROFITS.

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