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GordonJ May 15, 2019 10:40 AM

Stupid ME. Here is Steve DiMarco's email.
I've only sent the guy, like thousands of emails. Yet, I put the wrong one on the promotion for his CHALK BOARDS profits. I have since corrected that.

His email is:

I spoke to him this morning, he has revised his program, and now focuses on the four ad chalk boards, which weigh a few OUNCES, and has a new twist, one for REALTORS. He has also lowered his prices, and now the thing

can put that 1,000.00 dollars into your pocket with only four ads, and you charge less than a dollar a day to your advertisers for a full year of exposure.

Sorry for being such a hurry wort, and making silly mistakes.


GordonJ May 17, 2019 10:19 AM

IF you think you've made a mistake, re: calling on businesses
This just in.

Math don't lie. With the CHALK BOARD opportunity, or any opportunity you have, do the math


BEFORE you invest in it.

In the case of the CHALK BOARDS. These lightweight boards weigh only a few ounces. I've done everything I can do in the description at

to tell people what is involved.

You take a board into a restaurant, or dry cleaners, show it, offer it for free and ask for anyone they DO NOT WANT on the board, and tell them the reason you ask that.

Now, BEFORE you spend any money, ask yourself. Can I do that?

Because if you can NOT, for whatever reason, then it isn't the right opportunity for you.

But if you can, then let us look at BREAK EVEN.

I am a nut for numbers, given my remote direct marketing background, I like to know break even points, and when I get into the black, the PROFIT part of the deal;

In the case of the CHALK BOARD, if you go ahead and pull the trigger to do it and get the sign and all the distributor stuff...

and then go out and find out it isn't your cup of tea. You can put one ad on it and be at break even.

ONE AD. The restaurant owner's car dealer, banker, insurance agent, a next door business.

YOUR break even, to recoup your full investment (because it isn't all that much) ONE AD.

So, BEFORE you invest, in this or ANYTHING.

Spend some time on your calculator, DO THE MATH.

KNOW THE BREAK EVEN point if you decide any given opportunity is not for you, and then make a decision.

ONE AD, fully recoups your initial investment. Follow directions, get the four, and your first gross profit is $1,000.00.

I loves me some MATH.


PS. As long as there are no X's, Y's, or formulas. Just what I can do on a basic calculator. Add, subtract...figure out my PROFITS.

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