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Dien Rice September 25, 2000 02:26 PM

Remote Hypnosis is becoming sensible....
Gordon is updating Remote Hypnosis, and making some new additions. We're planning to get this ready by October 10….

Many have told us that the $12 price for Remote Hypnosis is crazy for what you get. So we're becoming sensible, and the price for Remote Hypnosis will go to $25 from October 10 -- but there's a SPECIAL offer….

The great news is that EVERYONE who has bought Remote Hypnosis so far will also get the new updated version. (We won't forget about you!)

AND if you buy Remote Hypnosis before October 10, you'll get the updated version TOO -- even though you've paid less than half-price!

In Remote Hypnosis, Gordon Alexander teaches you about the promotional pictogrigm - a combination of a picture and a paradigm. The promotional pictogrigm is a powerful tool for getting into the mind of your prospect and influencing them….

And I've also discovered that once you become familiar with pictogrigms, you can start to develop your own…. It's a great tool to help you see exactly what you need to do, in an easy-to-use picture….

Instead of reading 800 pages, you can draw a picture. And who reads 800-page books anyway? Most people never finish them. But if you can spend a short amount of time drawing a promotional pictogrigm, you'll discover a powerful visualization technique.

Those who have drawn their own pictogrigm confirm it.

Gordon is also adding an extra Appendix. There, he'll also discuss the more traditional approach to detailed copywriting techniques including headlines and subject lines.

He's revising the e-book from satisfied customer feedback to make Remote Hypnosis even more powerful.

So Remote Hypnosis is becoming sensible, and the price for the revised version is going to be $25 from October 10. That includes access to the private forum where Remote Hypnosis is discussed in more detail and depth, BUT….

You can get it ALL at the ridiculously low price (as you have pointed out) of $12, if you order by October 10. Order below.

Dien Rice

Remote Hypnosis, Click here....

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