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matthollywood December 10, 2011 08:08 PM

Hi everyone! Matt here...
This is such an amazing forum and would love to share ideas with everyone in regards to becoming a good magician, illusionist and an entertainer. Thank you so much.

Skip Rosell December 13, 2011 09:12 AM

Re: Hi everyone! Matt here...

Originally Posted by matthollywood (Post 29697)
This is such an amazing forum and would love to share ideas with everyone in regards to becoming a good magician, illusionist and an entertainer. Thank you so much.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for asking about Magic.

You do not say if you're just learning magic or have been at it for a while. If you are just starting here is a site for you. I was browsing and came across this site. Do not have any interest in this product or site just thought I would pass it on to you.

Best of success,

Skip Rosell

Phil December 13, 2011 04:36 PM

Re: Hi everyone! Matt here...
Hi Matt,

Welcome once again to SowPubs! ... Hopefully, you're Not just Quickly here Visiting for a little misc. Google {MAGIC} and PR Love as per SowPubs PR Love and Magical Link(s) connection... :)

Not that You really need too much help... Noticed your original Link Kind of Disappeared [Magically] through Probably the SowPub Forum police fairly Quickly most likely Due to Link related issues...

Surely! ... Come and Visit more Often and Post more about your {Magical} Expertise and How it Can Help Overall with our Marketing... Brainstorming and Especially Revenue(s) Producing ongoing Passive incomes... ;)

Introducing! ...

All the best...


Glenn December 13, 2011 09:41 PM

CEO Son/Daughter/Wife Magic Party Referral System
Thanks Matt,

Quite a coincidence - I used to work with a Magician named Matthew.


Dunno what kind of magic you do.


A current magic client does Magic for VIP House parties.
(THAT is his Sales System)

We've borrowed an idea from David Copperfield - and moved him up to
Bigger Gigs with ideas that combine Magic Stories, Illusion and EGO.

In other words - his Magic Show Guarantees to Move the CEO toward
his quarterly Bonus - by mixing Magical Entertainment with business.

Company Magic Shows Happen AFTER a Home Magic Party.

Start with a Small B-Day Party Referral Program for his family alone.
The kids and mom don't KNOW it's a Referral System - of course.

THAT gets us In the Budget for the Larger Gigs.

Each CEO has a spoiled son, daughter, wife Who Expects Bigger and
wilder Surprises for their B-days, Anniversary, Holidays...

NATURALLY the CEO would rather DELEGATE and Pay us to do that
Work - FOR HIM or her.

We research the CEO's family - with his or her Help. (Usually their
Executive Assistant helps out.)

If the kid is a World of WarCraft nut... We use that in the Gags and
the set of the staging.

If the wife has a favorite designer or book author or color - we adapt.

Anticipation is one of our UNIQUE Differences.
We start before the magic show. (Digital technology helps)

Perhaps - A full size cut-out of a WOW - MONSTER appears on the wall
at the home front door...

OR -

For the wife - Maybe A Series of Glass Diamonds designs show up
under the her pillow.

They also get measured for outfits.

We Create a one act PLAY with Magic. (THAT is the idea we borrowed
from Copperfield.)


P.S. - OF course if you do regular b-day parties or stage magic - then we have to discuss projects done for other clients.

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