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GordonJ September 18, 2019 11:02 AM

ADU. HOT topic, super trend. Cash in.
The granny flat. Dad's in backyard shed. Mother in law cabins.

They are known as ADU Accessory Dwelling Units. Calif. is leading the way with a more relaxed legislative process. But the cities have the power.

Tiny houses, HOT subject.

ADU's have been put forth as solutions to housing crisis, including homeless.

But most cities have ordinances against them, heck even RV's can't be seen in the driveways of some cities.

Now if you have some rural land, you may be able to put a tiny house on it, but better make sure.

We've discussed Tiny Houses here before, five years ago even...and since CA has made it less of a hassle to build them, there is a boom, and more states, and cities will follow.

Tiny houses, from A frames, to sheds, to two stories, boxes, containers, even houseboats, there is still a lot of opportunity lurking in the tiny living space market.

I wonder if an old used RV, one that was self contained, could just be put on a slab, and a frame built around it? Those back of the pick-up truck types. A simple A frame, would make it look like a tiny house. Maybe I'll see.

Anyhoo, get to know about ADU, there could be some profits in there for you maybe.

Accessory Dwelling Units. Maybe the luxury version, for Trump to use at Mar Lago when the in-laws visit. The TIFFANY edition.


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