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jeffpanicker582 January 22, 2019 02:58 AM

Is street-level advertising a good way to get an audience for the business?
Hi, I am Ervin, a young dentist. I am looking to start a dental clinic in Toronto and I am planning to start next month, but getting people to trust a new doctor isn't that easy. A few days back, I came across a magazine where I found a small article on the success of a doctor who started struggling but came top with quality service and effective advertising through mediums like Google Ads and street-level advertising in densely populated areas. Should I follow this or wait for the magic to happen! Share your suggestions.

Steve MacLellan February 9, 2019 06:36 PM

Re: Is street-level advertising a good way to get an audience for the business?
Try coupons, joint venture advertising, and more importantly testimonials a few video testimonials if you can. Add your website to Use Twitter to target locally with the proper hash tags.


Glenn February 9, 2019 11:58 PM

Proven Dental Practice ideas From KY, CA, Au for Jeff
Happy New Year Jeff,

I created my own J-o-b.

Thus it is a bit odd.

I interview and work with affluent Small Biz owners around the world. Then
Find out what WORKS BEST for each.

Share it in E-books, mp3 audio programs and Consulting.

Dunno what your COMMUNICATION STYLE is Yet.

Face to Face

So here are ideas in all 3 Areas...

FACE TO FACE #1 - M*illionaire Aussie Dentist Tells each patient, "It is illegal for me to Advertise. So I Rely on Referrals.

"Here are all the things I do for You and People you Refer Who are
equal to or better than you as a patient.

a - No Pain Dentistry
b - A Pain Button
c - TV on the ceiling so you can watch movies while I work
d - All your favorite magazines and papers
e - Your name on your own waiting room.
f - My Home phone # in case of Emergencies.

then he hands them a pen and paper and Says, " IF You want me to Be Here
for you when you Need Me - Please Refer at least 3 people."

And He gets 10 or 20!

#2 - PRINT - DIRECT MAIL - internet - Sign in Window

M*illioniare Dentist specializing in Kids.

Took a Jack Hammer
and Dug A TRENCH Behind a Low - Low - Kid level Counter
in his lobby.

So the Adults are Eye to eye with the kids.

Sends out Photos to Lists he B*uys
from Retiring Dentists.

PHOTO in the window.

Photo Postcards.

Sells Ball Caps and T-shorts with SAME - eye to eye Photo.

PHONE - Los Angeles Dentist with 900,000 Patients. Speaks 3 languages.
Employs 9 dentists.

Hires Telemarketers to Call Rented Lists
of home owners with kids.

Follows up with Direct Mail and a F-r-e-e Tooth Brush with his
address on it.

GIANT Playroom. Toys and Video Games.


P.S. - There is also the Kentucky Dentist who discovered if he parks his big Ugly,
dirty Pick-Up Truck on the street outside his office - with an A-Frame Sign
in the bed.

A stream of new dental Prospects comes in from that.

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