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Andrew Young September 9, 2003 08:22 PM

Conundrum about peoples approaches
Why is it that we are so concerned to sell our souls to save a dollar rather than support the honest efforts of others?

Let me explain myself ...

Through this forum and others I frequent, the majority of people are growing businesses and starting new ones. This is great to see and all power to you.

In one breath many are seeking to find out how to sell more products, articles, services and in addition at higher prices if possible.

In the other breath they seek all sort of soltuions to assist this growth for no cost.

Yes it human nature to try and get a great deal or pay nothing. But when you pay nothing and give the provider of that service your contact details to sell to others and allow them access to your online details in return, what are we thinking.

I'm not talking big dollars either. In another forum a piece of software for sale for $20 was put down as site xyz gave a similiar product away. There was a huge variation in value for a measly $20. The free product had spyware included .... but hey it's free.

Back to my original question.

Why is it that we are so concerned to sell our souls to save a dollar rather than support the honest efforts of others (like ourselves)?

Ankesh Kothari September 10, 2003 01:40 AM

Because its easier
Recording equipment is as old as music industry itself.

But still people didnt use to record the songs from one tape on other tapes. Not on a large scale atleast.

Then came the net which bought along p2p networks. MIRC. Copying songs became easy.

But still it wasnt done on a large scale.

Then came high speed broadband internet. That made downloading songs a matter of seconds. And Napster provided with a good and easy interface.

So all of a sudden there were a million people sharing songs online.

Napster got closed and kazaa and gnutella and numerous other softwares came up. They all did just one thing: made it easier to download songs.

People stopped buying cds not because they were expensive. They were expensive before too - when mirc allowed free downloads. But its harder to go to a store and buy cds then to go online and download songs.

And it helps that its free.


You get the same piece of software - one for 20$ - another for free. Which one is easier to get?

The free one. You dont have to fill in your credit card numbers - pay your credit card bills and stuff.


Remember gator - it made filling forms easy. People downloaded it even though it was a spyware. Then came roboform. No spyware. And free. People shifted their loyalties.

Its all about EASY not Money.

Easy to read Inspiration

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