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Larry Foster August 28, 2007 07:24 PM

Re: Rob, see my post: ATTENTION Larry Foster...
Gordon and Michael.
Thank you both for the excellent input.
I haven't gotten to Gordon's other post yet to see what else he has up his sleeve.
Michael, Based on data from the phone company a little over a year ago, they had a broadband presence in the state of 60%. They estimated another 20% had either cable or dial-up. That isn't my local area or even region but it's what I have to go with for now.
You made some good points about the florist. Actually there are a few in town but it doesn't change the validity of your statement.
Real estate or insurance agents may be a little more viable. Insurance agents should have some money to work with and real estate agents need to continually promote for listings.
Maybe a better idea is to go to individual businesses and make them stand out?

GordonJ August 28, 2007 07:51 PM

NO. Not at all. And I'm already a busy man.

Originally Posted by bobmcalister (Post 16767)
so ...gja bizMAN....we buy the postcard deal and you help us do it ? goodness gonna be a busy man !~


Don't buy the postcard deal Bob, it is not for you.

What I said is IF anyone does buy the product through my affiliate, then I'll offer my assistance...and support...

But how much HELP that is, is up to you.

Ya know, Bob, you've given me reason to edit my post...Thanks.


Rob Yaggie August 28, 2007 10:26 PM

Re: Got it! Great ebook

Originally Posted by GordonJ (Post 16764)
check out the site I mention. IF it is of any interest to you, then here is my affiliate link to make the purchase...
And I'll comment on it later this evening.

Hi Gordon... I got this ebook based on your recommendation above. I read the entire ebook tonight and was quite impressed. It is very meaty and complete. Well worth the small price he is charging.

I look forward to more of your comments on this type of marketing.


Phil August 29, 2007 08:23 AM

Re: Think Outside The Atom
And on that Problem...

These guys have done Well...

The World is Full of Problems! Solve them and you're in business... ;)

How's this for Interesting? :)
Deep-fry diving for goldfish in Japan

Yes... Keep your Eyes on Trends and business ideas in Japan...


Unregistered August 29, 2007 10:23 PM

Instead of $890 per bout $30,000?
Excellent concept;

Taking photos of homes to personalize each Card, which grabs the attention of each recipient.

Then charging $1.50 per Card = $1500 for 1,000 Cards mailed.

Charging $1500 per 1,000 postcards from 1 participant and netting "890" is a "fair" number for your effort.

However, what if there was a way to get 25 participants to each pay $1500 for the same mailing? ($37,500 Gross less $610 = $36,890 for the same effort)

....or 20 participants who pay $1500 each? ($30,000 less $610 = $29,390)

...or 10 extra participants on the same Card? ($15,000 less $610)

...or just an extra 2 participants @ $1500 ea = an extra $3,000 + $890 = $3,890 per mailing!

It does not have to be an exclusive mailing for one participant! It could be an exclusive mailing for each "category" or participant!

hockeycoachdoug August 29, 2007 11:01 PM

Re: Marketing to new homebuyers idea
Can you expand on that idea? Do you mean send like a Valpak or something with the picture on it? a package with the picture? Maybe a sponsored larger version of the picture- more perceived value? Or just smaller, but more expensive ads on the back meaning more ads and more revenue? Maybe the card could send everybody to a website with exclusive, high value offers the recipient couldn't refuse from multiple exclusive industry vendors- I like that idea the best.

Unregistered August 30, 2007 10:24 AM

Re: Instead of $890 per bout $30,000?
"It does not have to be an exclusive mailing for one participant! It could be an exclusive mailing for each "category" or


And when you tie in some of the previous posts (Dien, I don't know if these are archived yet)
on using postcards to target those who are 'moving', the concept of using a house picture on
the front of the postcard gets even more interesting.

Especially when you can find 'listed' and 'open house' pictures online along with address info.

GordonJ August 30, 2007 10:32 AM

Re: Got it! Great ebook

Originally Posted by Rob Yaggie (Post 16772)
I look forward to more of your comments on this type of marketing.


Hi Rob,

I too was impressed and my college kid and I are going to be working this program, with some twists....and I think I'll either start a yahoo group or a private forum (for free) to discuss this with other DOERs. There is no sense bothering the main stream here with this stuff.

Shoot me an email, [email protected] and we'll start discussing this potential gold mine.

Thanks Rob.


PS. I will discuss the BASICS of postcard marketing at the NEW forum dedicated to OFF line direct response marketing. Exciting stuff going on.

Unregistered August 31, 2007 12:35 AM

Try this....
"In the post that I referred to above, there was a suggestion on creating a local community website. To get advertisers to pay you to be featured on this site, you offer them the opportunity to be the only carpet cleaner, restaurant, flower shop, grocer or whatever.

If you were in an area that housing sales were very slow, what would you offer a local business to incentivize them to be on your community website?

ANSWER; The following has been done successfully in a town of pop 5,000;

1) Borrow, rent or buy a Digital Camera with a 100mm Lens
2) Go to your local Private Airport and find someone who has a 152 or 172 Cessna and pay them to take you up in for a "Photo-Shoot". (Cessnas have a high wing where the side window can be opened and the wind keeps it open while you lean out and take pictures of homes at 500 ft. Go down one street or road taking photos of all the homes on one side of the street...then, turn around and go back taking photos of the other side or the road or street.
3) With "Kodak Easy Share" you can edit the photos so you can separate each house or estate from the others.
4) Put up a website called, "" or "" (or whatever the name of your town is)
5) Place a bunch of "Thumbnail Photos" of say, 16 Homes (4 across and 4 down) in a square in the center of a webpage, with squares all around the edges. Clicking on any "Thumbnail Photo" brings up a larger photo of that home and which can be printed out.
The squares around the edges are ads for non-competing businesses and professionals.
6) Make a Sample Page with Sample Home Photos and Samples ads and print the page and go show potential advertisers how they can participate in your exclusive program,,,,that this will be the "Talk of Harrisburg" because homeowners would love to see an "Aerial Photo" of their home.
6a) The price that has worked is....$480 for each advertiser for a 3 month term ($240 deposit and $240 when their ad is up on the site. 20 Ad Squares = $9,600
6b) You could also make up a "NewsRelease" and ask the local newspaper to run an article on your unique website.
7) After placing 30 of these pages (with 16 different homes on each page (480 Homes) and the same ads around the edges on each page) run an ad in your local newspaper announcing,
"SEE AN AERIAL PHOTO OF YOUR HOME AT WWW.HARRISBURGHOMES.COM!" and show one of the "16 Photo" squares so they get an idea.
8) Add another section of 30 pages (480 Home Photos with 20 different advertisers) ...either in your same town or a nearby town.

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