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Julie Jordan Scott November 23, 2000 12:58 PM

Plentiful Harvest: Happiest Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is usually my most favorite holiday of the year. This year I had hoped to be in Flaggstaff, AZ with my family, but due to health concerns I am home, instead.

I did not think I posted this article before...and I thought you might enjoy the message.

May it warm your hearts, bring a smile to your lips, and a new perspective to your minds.
Plentiful Harvest
(c) 2000
Julie Jordan Scott

November is one of my favorite months. In the colder climates,
the chill in the air requires mittens and warm coats. Saturday
afternoons are spent at football games with spectators bundled
up under blankets, drinking hot chocolate. In the United States
we celebrate gratitude.

Cynics refer to the Thanksgiving holiday as "Turkey Day". Instead,
I inviteyou to look at its true message of abundance and gratitude.
I am naming November "month of Plentiful Harvest."

What is a Plentiful Harvest?

Plentiful describes having an ample, rich supply. Plentiful is the
overflowing basket of fruit, the Spring waterfalls of Yosemite after
a snowy Winter or the giggles of a happy baby. Plentiful is the
deep satisfaction of contentment. Plentiful is sitting in front of a
roaring fire surrounded by loved ones, sighing in quiet delight.

Harvest is a time we collect the bounty of our planting. We
glean rewards from a time of concentrated effort.

The Parable of the Sower speaks of spreading seeds everywhere,
on fertile soil, on less rich ground, in rocky terrain. The sower
continually and constantly spreads the seed so that the richness
of the harvest spreads beyond his (or her) existence. It grows
into the hearts and experiences of others as well.

Henry David Thoreau said, "The true harvest of my daily life is
somewhat as intangible And indescribably as the tints of morning
or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, A segment of the rainbow
which I have clutched."

Have you noticed the artistry in a sunset recently? Have you seen
the blending of colors into an awe inspiring, divine masterpiece?
Have you taken your consciousness from the "stress maker du joir"
and put it instead on the magnificence of the Plentiful Harvest
around each of us, every single day of our lives?

Decide to make the shift towards abundant, ample living. Choose
to be content. Spread your seed wide and far. Reach out and
receive the star dust. Take out your paint brush, spread the colors
about you. Sing a song of great joy. Celebrate your Plentiful

With Purpose and Passion,


Dare to Discover Your Passion, Decide to Live Your Destiny!

Dien Rice November 24, 2000 10:58 AM

Julie, that's more wonderful wisdom.... thank you!
Thanks Julie.... :)

Everything you share is SO rich in wisdom.... :)

I believe that if we each counted all our blessings, you would never be able to count them fully.... There are SO many things....

Just start with what's around you.... The nutritious food on your table. The protective roof over your head. Your loved ones. The informative computer screen you're looking at now! And the supply of electricity that supplies it....

But it goes beyond that. What about your windows to the world, your senses? Your good eyes to see your surroundings, your ears to hear the sounds of nature, your tongue to taste delicious spices, your feet to take you from one place to the next, your hands to help you with practically everything, and so on and on and on....

And then there are intangibles. Your intelligence to understand the world around you, your life experiences to draw from, your good memories to reminisce and enjoy, and those joyous little moments you experience each day....

Thank you Julie for reminding me of this... I'm grateful for that taste from your wellspring of wisdom.... :)

And if you haven't been there, and you want to grow and discover your true self.... then don't delay, go check out Julie's web site! The link is below.... :)

Dien Rice

Grow and prosper - learn from more of Julie's wisdom.... :)

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