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GordonJ October 2, 2019 06:05 PM

Come out, come out wherever you are. Paradigm shift in progress.

It somes time feels like this for me. I DO appreciate your PM and email, however, some things need more open discussion.

My reply to Glenn brought a couple of private replies about "selling" and the idea was/is, we are all selling something. Maybe.

So, what is the Pope selling? What do the millions of Catholics buy every week? For century after century?

Hope? Faith? Belief? I might argue those are more about indoctrination than a purchase. When one buys something, they make a conscious decision to do so.

Being born into any religion, is more of a process of indoctrinating children at the growth age, where they absorb everything, and many a 35 year old person is allowing the 7 year old to make their choices today.

Arguably, the Catholic is the most successful money making machine ever created, the longest running, the richest by far and so it and all religions might be worth a study, or at least I think and have always thought.

Glenn Osborn is as an unusual and unique a marketer as you will find, one of a kind, however, he sells stuff and he consults with people who want him to help them SELL MORE STUFF, whatever the stuff is. So, one will see very traditional marketing, an exchange of an agreed upon value for something.

Joel Osteen sells books, and bibles and all sorts of stuff, but his main product is the person's redemption. And he has no shortage of buyers.

When I say I am NOT trying to sell something, then I enter my paradigm shift, which goes away from persuasion and influence (salesmanship, convincing someone else they need/want something) {albeit, used in the process to get their attention} [yikes me and my parentheticals]})...

The SQ1 isn't like a program from an author, like Eckart Tolle for example or one of 1001 others like them, including prez contender M. Williamson. They sell stuff, they supply the believers. And belief is the thing they sell.

SQ1 are not belief based. You don't need to believe in being born and dying, those are the points of a life, universal for everyone. They may be a shorthand to deeper meanings, but they work the same for everyone everywhere it doesn't matter what belief there is in effect in one's life.

So, as I say, the PROSPECT IS THE PRODUCT. It is not about getting them into a funnel of buyers, or figuring out their lifetime value as a consumer, and there is nothing wrong with the capitalist view of consumerism as a means to making money, unless it is harmful to others.

It isn't getting them to nibble or even reversing the funnel and bringing them in at a higher cost. It isn't seeing the PROSPECT AS a dollar sign at all, and as crass as it may sound, that is exactly what is taught across the board by marketers.

How can I sell more? How can I increase the amount of sale? How can I get multiple sales? How can I engage with my ATM (customer) as often as I can?

When the PROSPECT is the PRODUCT, THEY have to look at what is and they either see a perfect product which does not need improvement (tiny %) or they see a product which needs/wants __________ and often without even knowing why, or the underlying reasons for that desire.

So, I don't need to ask them what they want and then try to sell something to them. It isn't like an auto parts store, where they buy a headlight, but more like a tune up place for when the car isn't running smoothly, although as I'm typing this, not a very good analogy.

The object isn't to have a warehouse full of parts I can pull off the shelf, and say here, buy Joe Blow's course on NLP to get the girl of your dreams type stuff. But more like a modern printer, which can print out the exact part needed to personal specification.

Although I do appreciate the private correspondence, the subject is more suited to a group discussion. Now, off I go on the yellow brick road.


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