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GordonJ July 9, 2022 11:10 AM

Remember Frank Kern, surfer boy?
He has made the video vanish, one of his first presentations where he confessed to faking it until he made it...not that unusual with those guys...

But you have to hand it to him for his WIZARD/GURU avatar. With the possible exception of THE DUDE Lebowski, there isn't an image of a carefree, give a F**C attitude than a surfer dude...and Frank milked it for all it was worth.

TIME is the friend of those who stretch the truth, like Nap Hill, cause once all the guys he claims he interviewed weren't around, the proof vanished...except in his case, those titans of industry, had very well defined, and well kept schedules (diaries) of who they met with and when.

I do know, for a fact Dien, this is the longest running business forum on the Internet in which I've been an active member.

There may have been a time when I was a man of mystery, now I'm just an old open book laid bare for all to read.

What is amazing to me, look at some younger gurus, and see their younger audiences, and how they so easily accept their wizard/guru as being...THE MAN.

I recently joined one Facebook group, nothing held back, and although there are a few old timers there, most or the majority, are young people...and, well, we can watch this take place in real time.

What Gary knew, and executed so well...sure, proclaim yourself the Prince, but when you have OTHERS crown you, then your throne is assured.



Originally Posted by Dien Rice (Post 43088)
Hi Gordon,

You sparked an interesting thought...

Often, by claiming something and repeating it often enough, many people will accept and believe it...

For example, Gary Halbert multiple times (in his newsletter) called himself "The World's Greatest Copywriter."

In fact, he referred to himself as that (and other superlative nicknames) in a sales letter he wrote... coming from Joe Polish!

Such as...
"For a number of years now, I've been a subscriber to another newsletter writer. I'm not quite ready to divulge his name but he has numerous nicknames like... the 'Prince of Print'... 'Ace of Space'... 'Marketing Guru'... and... 'The World's Greatest Copywriter'."

Now, you gotta back it up somehow... One of Gary Halbert's main claims to fame was his "coat of arms" letter, which he said he believed was "the most widely mailed letter in history" (from here).

However, a big claim, with some "backup" and repetition (and even putting it in other people's mouths - as Gary Halbert put it in Joe Polish's "mouth" in a sales letter he wrote for him!) - can mean your "big guru" claims can stick!

Hmm... Interesting train of thought there, if I do say so myself... :)

Best wishes,


P.S. Gordon, did you know that this is the longest-still-running online small business discussion forum in history? I think it's true...

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