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GordonJ October 25, 2018 11:12 AM

UPDATE ON Persuasion/Influence KIT
Looking good. Some decisions I've made:

First thing will be a PREMISE PACKAGE. The only thing I will ask is you cover the expense of the package, pages printed at ten cents each, binder, and mailing costs. The Premise Package gives you details about the KIT, and the different tracks which will be available.

The Premise will be the foundation on which the rest of the kit is based.

It will give you an opportunity to CUSTOMIZE the kit to meet your needs.

AND, it may be enough to have an AH-HA, or light bulb moment too.

I explain the levels of preoccupations. The gender specific preoccupations, the type of Interrupters to test and how to create the best Intersection.

The Premise gives you the basics, the foundation, the thing to build off of.

You will discover PEAT. Your Persuasive Emotional Appeal Technique.

The Premise is not a sales pitch, it gives you options. I wanted to break out the various methods and give you what you want to use today. It is not a college course of study, but practical and useful techniques and methods you use...NOW.

So, there is a REMOTE track, and an IN-PERSON track.

Then you choose which line to follow. REMOTE line would be for Copywriters, phone salespeople, online marketers...people who are not right in front of you.

In-Person is for salespeople, teachers, speakers, seekers of love or a night of is when your target stands in front of you. This track includes a lot from my old course on FASCINATION. So it is different than the Remote line.

Also, I've decided NOT to have a web site. This stuff just too valuable to be given to the world at large, and possibly stolen or ripped off.

There may or may not be a discussion group, private, if you want one.

But the KITS are similar, in that they all share the PREMISE, because the five steps I already gave you will be a part of both.

You can't use a technique like FASCINATION by Remote means.

At this time, I'd like an email, [email protected] with KIT in subject header, and tell me briefly, which track you are thinking about, and what you would like to focus on, OK?

See, the KIT can and should be CUSTOM FITTED to your needs, which will make each one unique, different, and specific to your wants. Nothing else like it on the market.

The PREMISE will be sent at cost, and the details of the tracks will be included.


PS. An after thought...and this mainly for copywriters and salespeople. See, I don't know what you bring to the table. Maybe you've been studying copywriting, have taken courses, read many you come with a different mindset than a person who has read nothing.

Virtually every course on copywriting has the same stuff in it, same old gurus, same old books, same old formulas. I've worked with a few of you who have fallen in love with a particular Guru, and you can't get off of that.

To me, it is bringing a bad habit to the table, you've gone down a rabbit hole of belief, and too many of you swallow the tall tales of the millions of dollars made by these legends of the past. IF that is you, the KIT probably won't be made available to you, but I decide on a case by case basis.

See, there isn't going to be a public promotion, I may have one, but only SowPubbers will be given a link to it. And there won't be a way to just buy it without contacting me first. This isn't the same old crap, it is one of a kind, made just for you, to suit your needs, it is not AN OFF THE RACK idea.

Hundreds of books, courses, and material on copywriting, selling, persuasion, influence out there, feel free to spend your THOUSANDS of dollars as I have over the last 50 years, be my guest.

The KIT will be "frequency matched" to your goals, your desires and your wants and needs.

If you have questions, you can post here, or send me an email.

Pretty exciting stuff.

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