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Don Alm April 14, 2015 12:03 AM

Re: Anyone Care To "Kick" Around This Idea?
The following goes back a few years BUT.....a buddy up in the Eugene Oregon area (120k pop) asked me if i had a "money-making" idea he could use.

He told me he had started a Photgraphy biz but... too much competition. So, I came up with one of my "Hot Flashes";

Offer a "Used Car Website" for the Eugene area where...once a week he'd go to a participating lot and take 4 photos (front, rear, side & interior) them up on the dealer's website and charge $25 per vehicle.....which he did for 30 months then.....his wife left him and he "fell apart". the year 2015.....I'll betya no one is offering a Photo Service for small used car lots. The BIG lots I've checked with DO have one of their employees taking photos of the "previously - owned" vehicles.

Don Alm

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