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Re: Jim Straw: How I Made $400 Million Dollars Selling Products Through Mail Order...

Thanks for mentioning Jim's Archives. He had 147 issues from 1999-2012.

What a powerful tool for anyone who wants to learn newsletter layouts.

Besides Jim's content, (which was always stellar) simply study Jim's newsletter structure.

With the legions of people that received his newsletters the writing student can't go wrong.


Originally Posted by Phil (Post 32199)
Another winner! ...

Jim Straw: How I Made $400 Million Dollars Selling Products Through Mail Order

More Great stuff...

[Archives] 1999-2012... As you read and scan down the page...

Get to Work... ;)

All the best,

Glenn December 9, 2012 06:25 PM

Thanks Dien,

Jim was a very nice man.

Friendly and Very Good at Creating Niche Value.

I was a member of a couple of his Finder and Millionaire Clubs for years.

Over the past year we'd been talking about the Power of The Mastermind
of Two People.

And how Mastermind Level Rapport Creates INSTANT CASH.

MEANING - You Can Walk Around and Get Strangers
to Hand You Munny. Which is what Jim did his whole life.

For Example:

Jim started his Finder Business as a teenager. He worked in a series of local
Businesses where he met a lot of farmers and biz owners. So he'd ASK them
"What do you have you can't sell?"

Jim wrote it down. Kept a list.

As he asked this same question. Then tried to find a Fit. Someone ELSE who needed that item. Eventually Jim hit on a SECRET.

His finder business made him 1000X more munny when he found a RICH LOCAL Business owner and ASKED, "What is selling like crazy that you need
More of?"

Makes Sense, right? If you FIND out what is Already POPULAR - and Already
selling like HotCakes - bring them More. You get a YES and a Sales 100% of
the time.

But it took Jim many years to Turn this into BIG BUCKS.

Meanwhile Jim says he was still talking to lots and lots of people. Trying
to help them sell and buy stuff.

ASKING to help.
Citing products and services
Trying to set up JV deals.

AND these people would Give Him Things. Free Shoe Strings when he got shoes. A Free Tank of gas at the local station. Come back from vacation and bring JIM a gift from Hawaii. YOU KNOW - to show their appreciation.

Even though Jim hadn't made most of them a dime.

THIS STRUCK ME as amazing.
Just The Intention, The Wish, Talking about Taking Action to help people - got
Jim all kinds of F-r-e-e Stuff and Good Will!

THIS PART of What Jim Did is NOT in Any of his Products, either.

Jim just assumes people can walk up cold and Talk to Strangers
about deals like he did. Some can. Some can't.

I work with a Lot of Folks Who CANNOT.
People who need a Way to Warm Strangers Up.

PLUS Ezine Subscribers Who Need EMERGENCY CASH on a Daily Basis.

So We started testing what to give away to cashiers and service people.

Paper Flowers
Crayon Flowers
Napkin Flowers
Finger Puppets
Chocolate kisses
Thank You Notes
Funny Photos
Lotto Tickets
Magic Tricks

In addition to Funny Stories - MISTAKES that make munny began to crop up.

Here's One That Happened to me Recently.
How to Turn MISTAKES into MONEY.

Car Oil Change MISTAKE...EXTRA CASH Results...

Get in the Habit
of Paying it Forward
TIP Everyone you do business with.

This is Fresh in my mind. Cuz it Happened Last Week!

I went in and asked, "Can you change my oil and use 5w30 - not the regular 10w40 weight?" The clerk said, "Yes, sir."

THEN the managers out front AND the Mechanics disappeared for 30 minutes.
Out to lunch. Without saying a word to me.


a - One idiot left one of the huge bay doors open. So the heater came on
and off repeatedly.

b - It was cloudy. All of the Expensive sodium lights were on in the parking lot.

c - 50 more Expensive lights stayed on in the service bays

d - I said, "I want to watch." The guy who took my munny sent my car
7 bays away. The furthest he could get it away from me where I was watching.

I smelled a rat.

I ALREADY had munny out. But I had to WALK A MILE to the far end of the
Garage to Give it to the guy. I walked over and handed the mechanic 5
singles. Told him, "Please Take care of me."

Discovered him about to dump quarts of gunky oil from the Cheap-Sludge
Barrel into my car. I said, "Is that 5w30 - see the cap - that's what this car

He says, "No sir. I was told your oil was LOW."

BENEFITS of Tipping the Mechanic 5 bucks:

#1 - My Car which gets 45 mpg was Not Ruined by 4 quarts of heavy crappy oil
#2 - The man rotated my tires
#3 - I got 5w30 oil - I checked - perfectly at the Fill Line
#4 - He washed my car
#5 - Greased the chassis
#6 - check brake oil and other items
#7 - HE Tested my Battery. Found out it's at 225 instead of 500 (So I need a new Battery - Which I didn't trust these clowns to install.)


Probably they do #2 thru #7 routinely. BUT NOT AS PERFECTLY as I
got it done.

Plus there is the little matter of Not Burning my Valves and having to buy
a new car.

PLUS I p aid for 5w30 not the cheap stuff.

Are Made
Everywhere you go.

But you can Literally CASH IN on Every Mistake - Turn Murphy's Law in your favor.

Shiny Gold 1.00 Coins work great too.

Glenn Osborn

Glenn December 10, 2012 04:53 PM

CELEBRATING Jim Straw-A Clients New Home Biz Began w/a MISTAKE
Happy Holidays Everybody,

I've got more of these "Munny Mistake" Case Studies.

Tell me which ones you like.

I'll post more.

Pat Was Referred to me Because he needed munny fast.

I told Pat about Jim Straw's strategy for selling cars and trucks and bull dozers.

#1 - I showed him how to find folks who had JUST Inherited big munny.
OFTEN their parents had a car or 2 in their garage the new owners wanted GONE.

#2 - That same day - Pat also drove around and found 4 people who would
pay him a finders
fee IF he sold their car. (Sitting in their front yard)

#3 - We also placed ads in the Local Newspaper and CraigsList

FOR A WEEK - Pat was having Trouble selling cars from home.
Over the phone.


Pat sent an email to the WRONG BIDDER.

MEANING - Pat sent a bid from one buyer to a 2nd buyer BY MISTAKE. and Before he realized his ERROR.

Buyer #2 Called Pat and said, "Ok, I'll top the bid by that other guy. I thought you were faking me out. But now I see you have a real bidder. I'll Beat it."

Pat's New Home Business

Step I - Pat finds people who want to sell their cars

Step II - Pat runs ads AND calls people who bought previous cars (Lots of
these guys fix 'em up and sell them.)

Step III - WEIRD MISTAKE #2 - Pat discovered some of the guys who
bought Cars FROM HIM - are willing to let Pat Re-sell the same car After
they gussie it up some.

Step IV - The Mistake that makes the whole thing SING. Pat accidentally
discovered how to create TRUST in all his car bidders.

He simply SHARES the emails btwn himself and each bidder with ALL the other bidders for that car.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - I did 2 recent mp3 Interviews with a Radio Guy.

#1 - How I got started Interviewing Affluent Biz owners and selling
their best 7 figure ideas

#2 - How I combine Proven 7 Figure ideas to Customize NEW ideas
for clients - borrowing from Smarter men and women than ME.

Glenn December 10, 2012 05:56 PM

The Man Who Won 5K-in-30 Days Playing Poker as a Girl
Happy Holidays,

Another "Munny by Mistake" Story.

You've been to new car shows and seen lots of scantily clad Girls
leaning on the shiny new cars.


Perused a New Car Magazine and spotted a bathing beauty on the front cover.


The Pretty Girls aren't there by Accident.

Here's a Funny Mistake a Customer Made
that netted him a fast 5000.00 playing Poker. (Before on-line-Poker was cancelled in the USA)

Rusty had just gotten back from overseas deployment.

He owed everybody. And his son was about to get bounced out of private

In our initial consultation - Rusty told me he used to play a little poker as a
teenager. But hadn't played in 20 years. But I'd just helped a guy pay his
way thru Engineering School with some NLP Poker tricks I invented.

So I suggested Texas Holdem Poker as a quick cash idea.

Keep in mind -
I've never played Poker of any kind.

So Rusty - in a hurry - used 3 different email addresses to sign up as 3 different people. Didn't tell me, of course.

But the MISTAKE came about as Rusty was registering 3 different AVATARS
to sit around the table to play Virtual Poker.

The guy Avatar at 50 cent a bet - didn't work out.

The guy Avatar at 5.00 a bet - didn't pan out either.

The BLONDE FROM TEXAS Avatar at the 2.00 a bet table DID work out.

Rusty - The Darn Fool
Had Chosen a Female AVATAR

Here's what I saw After Rusty had already won 2000.00 dollars
and sent me an invite to join and watch him play.

A green table in the center of the screen.
6 or 8 Cartoon People sitting around that table.

I emailed Rusty - separately - out of the game and asked, "Which one are you?

He says, "I'm the blonde."

I reply, "There is no blonde guy at the table."

Rusty answers, "The Texas Blonde in the Red Bikini - that's Me."

Rusty is a multi-tasker.

So (While playing Poker) he goes on to TELL ME how he mistakenly signed up
as a Bikini Blonde
because all the other Avatars were taken. Just as a Throw-away Test.

Then discovered - to his AMAZEMENT. That all the male Players
were Letting the Texas Blonde WIN!

So in the side box I watched Rusty (A guy) FLIRT with all the other Guys
around the table.

"Tee hee"
"You're so cute
"Such a gentleman"


I was rolling with laughter.

IT SEEMS - Rusty's MISTAKE had hit on something HIGHLY PROFITABLE.

I just spoke to a Texas client who said, "Jennifer Tilly the actress has won
hundreds of thousands of dollars playing poker. Wearing a low cut dress."

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Tell me if you wanna Own the other Players at your Poker Games.
We can fix you up - without your having to Wear a Dress too.

Glenn December 12, 2012 03:15 PM

CELEBRATING Jim Straw-How to Get A Room At ANY SoldOut Hotel
Happy Holidays Everybody,

(EDITOR'S NOTE - Thanks Millard. You could share some of the mistakes
we made adapting NLP Sales Systems on your way to your 1st six figures of Vacation Time-Share Sales. THAT was Nerve-wracking.)


I got a panicked phone call from a client.

He'd showed up at a Las Vegas Seminar. All seats were sold out at all the
Hotels. Two or three Trade Shows at the same time.

BIG MISTAKE not to Reserve a Room in Advance, right?

I'd ALREADY made the same mistake. So I told him, "Get a 100 dollar bill
and wave it in front of the Hotel Concierge. Tell him or her that You KNOW
they have cancellations all thru the day AND if they find a room for you
they get 100 bucks."

Heh heh.

My client called me back all excited. He was given the PENTHOUSE.
It seems the Concierge Wanted the 100 smackers so badly - he opened
up a 1000.00 a night room!

Glenn Osborn

Glenn December 12, 2012 03:51 PM

Vacation MISTAKE Makes Lady Pharmaceutical Consultant Richer
Happy Holidays,

I met Pam in an airport shuttle. We began to swap stories.

Pam told me how she made the mistake of Trusting
a partner to rent a 50,000.00 booth up front at a Big Pharmaceutical Trade Show.

Instead he got a cheap booth at the back. Not realizing "The Back" meant
2 or 3 footballs fields BACK.

(Not wanting to return a 1/2 million consulting fee)

Pam began calling all her friends and contacts for ideas. One man was
a very successful dentist in Los Angeles. He had just bought 5000 Little
Mermaid Wrist Watches as gifts for his mostly children practice.

She Pleaded and begged and he agreed to send her all 5000
by over-night FedEx.

Pam Stayed up all night and walked thru all five hotels near the Huge
Facility housing the Trade Show. She shoved a flyer under every door.

FREE Little Mermaid
Disney Watch for
Your Kids When You
Visit Booth 7322!

Then a Map so they could find her booth.

Pam charges drug companies 400,000.00++ to research new drug ideas
And told me she had the Best Results EVER.

Turns out When Mr or Mrs DOC get home the kids say "Mommy - Daddy
What did you get me?"

And thousands of Doctors are willing to fill out a Questionnaire
in return for a Fancy watch - based on the theme of the latest
blockbuster movie.

Made in Taiwan or China - of course.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Pam says this MISTAKE has saved her hundreds of thousands in
marketing costs. AND her data is more complete and in depth than ever

Glenn December 12, 2012 04:38 PM

The MISTAKE That Started FuzzBuster Radar Detector
Happy Holidays,

My former partner Judy Kendall told me how the 1st Radar Detector
was invented and sold.

Judy was hired as part-time book-keeper by a company making 50K a year
and trying to get government contracts.

To Keep her Job...Judy walked thru the warehouse. She'd point and say, "What's that?"

One of the things she pointed at was a black box. When she said, "What's that?" the engineer said - "when radio waves hit it - that red light lights up."

Judy asked, "Will it work if radar hits it?"

"I guess. Why do you ask?"

Just said, "Can you make up a couple? If I can sell them you can make some

The men shrugged and went away to make a few black boxes.

Judy put a couple Black boxes in her car.
Tested them by driving by Cops at Radar Traps.

Then she drove to a Big Truck Stop.

Went from driver to driver until she found one willing to TRY OUT
The New Radar Detector.

Judy's Spiel went like this: "This box buzzes and lights when radar hits it. I want you to put this box on your dash board. Drive down past the county
mounty. If the light and the buzzer warn you to slow down before you get a
ticket. AND You LIKE IT. Stop at the next shoulder and give me 50 bucks.
IF You Don't like it - pull over and toss it out the window to me. OK?"

Soon Judy's office wall was papered with WORD OF MOUTH orders for
the new FuzzBuster Radar Detector. But the company was busted and didn't
have the munny to buy parts to build anything.

Judy's bosses said she had made a BIG MISTAKE.

But Judy took the sales manager of the parts supplier down the road to lunch.
(This all happened in Ohio)

Then invited him to her office.

When he saw the 500 orders on the walls AND the foot thick piles of
orders on her desk. He agreed to figure out a way to LEND "Fuzzbuster
Radar Detector" the munny to BUY parts from his company.

In effect The Parts Supplier paid Judy the Munny to PAY THEM.

(I think the fancy term for this is called Factoring.)

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - More Funny Munny Making Stories in my "Holiday Stuff" section:

39 Strategies
from Las Vegas
and How we
Adapted them for clients...

Dien Rice December 13, 2012 10:25 AM

Re: CELEBRATING Jim Straw-How to Get A Room At ANY SoldOut Hotel

Originally Posted by Glenn (Post 32216)
I got a panicked phone call from a client.

He'd showed up at a Las Vegas Seminar. All seats were sold out at all the
Hotels. Two or three Trade Shows at the same time.

BIG MISTAKE not to Reserve a Room in Advance, right?

I'd ALREADY made the same mistake. So I told him, "Get a 100 dollar bill
and wave it in front of the Hotel Concierge. Tell him or her that You KNOW
they have cancellations all thru the day AND if they find a room for you
they get 100 bucks."

Heh heh.

My client called me back all excited. He was given the PENTHOUSE.
It seems the Concierge Wanted the 100 smackers so badly - he opened
up a 1000.00 a night room!

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for sharing that, Glenn - it's a clever idea!

I can't see why it wouldn't work...

There are a few times in the past when I wish I had thought of this myself! (Now, I'll know for the future... :) )

Best wishes,


Glenn December 13, 2012 09:24 PM

Jim Straw Told me, "Test Everything"
“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.
Small people always do that, but the really great make you
feel that you, too, can become great.” - Mark Twain

Jim Straw lived this quote.

Any stranger could email him an idea or a question.

Jim would get back to you.

How Many people worth a few 100 million DO THAT?

I stumbled across something a while back while doing some F-r-e-e Consulting for a gal I've never met in Georgia.

Madelyn wanted advice on how to market some fancy jewelry made of
different colors of glass. I called the owner of the shop Madelyn dealt with.

A - Discovered the lady Had a Machine that took Color Photos of Your Aura.
Then they matched the Jewelry to Your Aura Photo.


B - I wrote an ezine about this. Discovered 3 of my Buyers could SEE
a blue Energy field around their hands and legs. And around others.

C - I had a Hunch - Promptly Called all three and walked them thru an
NLP sales Script that SEEMED to turn Negative Thoughts into HAPPY ones.


All 3 reported that the blue aura around their bodies Jumped from a cloud
a foot or two away from their body to YARDS of Room Filling Blue Energy!

Asking NLP Questions Over the Phone Boosted Their Thoughts AND Created
a Much more powerful BLUE ENERGY GLOW from their bodies.

THAT?? -- I asked myself.

TEST Everything - Jim said.
Keep Testing.
Use Mastermind Power to Test. (We've been testing.)

I just did a Consultation with a man who has a new Job with a Bank.

He answers Complaints. He is dead last
out of 25 people.

A couple days after we spoke he reported, "I'm now #1 in Referrals."
Seems like he gets paid something to Successfully Refer a bank customer
to the correct departmental EXPERT - without them hanging up.

No he isn't #1 in sales. But he's not dead last - either.

Tonight I got this Note. Seems Like Something we Did together
created an "Aura Energy Whistle."


Jim's Advice to use the Mastermind Power of 2 Brains
seems to be taking us in Very Entertaining & Profitable Directions.

Glenn Osborn

thank you for your reply, I am writing you at 3am central and I am laughing because you did not warn me about something that happened to me by accident...

I was playing with my son and unconsciously I was whistling the way you do, now keep on mind that at the time I did not notice..sometimes I whistle to my son to see where he is while inside the house...

I whistled 3 times and that was was by escalating the tune the same way you do...well needless to say it is 3am central time and I am so energized I am writing to you and also I came out with 2 ideas to experiment in my cross-selling....

you should have told me this also works without even trying I am about to whistle myself down did I figured out what happened to me?

simple...I remember being so tired before whistling to my son and when I could not sleep I remembered what I did earlier...

I was laughing LOL...I will tried the questions you gave case you could be more specific I would really appreciated...GOD are the best Mr. Osborn...

Glenn December 14, 2012 05:50 PM

CELEBRATING Jim Straw-How Honda SalesLady Benefits From Dealer MISTAKE
Happy Holidays,

I just did a Free Consultation with one of my Ezine Readers who
recently took a job selling cars at a Large Honda Dealership.

Molly is the only woman.

This gives her Big Advantages. (As long as she can keep what we're doing a
Secret. I've coached a lot of Car Salespeople and worked with dealerships.)

These guys are SHARKS in SHOES.

Here's ONE of the Huge Mistakes Molly is Taking Advantage of where she works.

THE DEALER rents lists of the names of 1000's of people a month with BAD
CREDIT. Then sends them a Direct Mail package which is confusing.

SEEMS to say they get something for nothing.

Molly says there is no F-r-e-e Lunch.


Molly and the 9 other salesmen in the bullpen take turns Trying to Sell
the Prospects the Dealership is able to SUCK thru the door with National
TV, Radio and Local BAD CREDIT Direct Mail.


60% - 80% of the car buying prospects thru the door. HAVE NO MUNNY
And They Have Bad Credit to boot.

(Car Dealerships make Big Bucks on Financing Which is why this dealership is
marketing to Prospects with Bad Financial Habits.)

Molly Tells me even the #1 Salesman waits his turn to sell to people
who stumble thru the front door.

In SALES at This Dealership!

It's Common Sense.

Do the opposite from the majority and you Cannot go Wrong.

With Munny and Good Credit.


Molly should NOT TAKE A TURN TILTING at the Penniless Prospects Coming
Thru the Door COLD.

Molly is last in sales right now.

So this should be FUN.


We adapted a Billion Dollar Car Sales idea from Lee Ioccoca for Molly.

I - She can't get her hands on the list of past car buyers
as Iococca did - as he jumped from dealer to dealer FORCING SALES
by focusing on Their BUYERS LIST.

II - But a few years back - I spoke to a #1 Cadillac sales lady who spent all
her time chatting with people Getting their Cars FIXED in the Repair Shop.

a - She figured they LOVED their cars or they wouldn't pay to get stuff fixed

b - She figured IF the car was Breaking down - it must be getting old and
they were already thinking of buying a new car.

If Molly Hangs in there
She can Rule the Roost.

Molly Gets paid 400.00 for SELLING Each Car. The other 9 guys Are
Blindfolded And Have both hands tied behind them.


Glenn Osborn

P.S. - One of the Tools Molly got from us is to RELAX and De-Stress Herself
and her customers in 60 Seconds.

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