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John David Bradshaw November 25, 2000 12:29 PM

User IDs and Passwords
Happy Holidays everyone...

I am working on a digital product which will be downloaded after receipt of an online payment. Nothing unusual about that except I've never done it before. I believe I have worked through the net-mechanics of setting up a link to the credit card processor, having a link back to a "thank you" page where you reveal the User ID, Password, and link to the download.

Here is my question: Do you assign a different User ID and Password to every customer? If you do, is there a cgi script that handles this, or do you do it manually? Do you email these to the customer, or update the thank you page automatically with a script?

I'm just trying to figure out how you set these things up to be an unattended money machine without the possibility of massive theft of your product through password distribution or theft.

Any help would be appreciated...


Andy Frain November 25, 2000 05:49 PM

Recurring nightmares...
> Hi John
I've had a nightmare experience with this
First of all I thought I could do the CGI myself.
Many hours later I realised I could not
Then I paid someone to do it after a recommendation and the script was no where near comprehensive wasted more money and time
Then I did what I should have done and got a real expert to do the lot. I fell for the age old trap of trying to save money and time and it has ended up costing me more of both
To bring this to a conclusion I use Rick Hanson who does all Marlon Sanders CGI for him. Now he is an expert!
If you want me to put you in touch drop me a line

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