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Daniel September 15, 2003 01:56 PM

Could you please recommend?
Could you please recommend me a free software like Turbo Lister to list my items on eBay?


Karol Gajda September 15, 2003 04:16 PM

Hi Daniel...
Hi Daniel,

What are you looking for that Turbo Lister doesn't do?

That would make it a lot easier to recommend something to you.


Karol Gajda

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Daniel September 15, 2003 04:38 PM

Re: Hi Daniel...
Hi Karol,

The problem is that TL does not work at my PC and tech. support can not help :(



Karol Gajda September 15, 2003 05:47 PM

Re: Hi Daniel...
Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately I don't know of any free software such as Turbo Lister to recommend to you.

What is the particular problem you're having with it? Maybe we can help.

The best thing I can recommend to you is which is $5/month...a very small investment for what it offers. And it's all Web based so you shouldn't have any problems using it on your computer.


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Dave Vallieres September 15, 2003 11:21 PM

Re: Could you please recommend?
Hi Daniel,

If you're looking for an easy to use bulk posting tool (does not do follow-ups or tracking) I've used: < href=""> with great results...

It's also free :-)

Hope that helps!


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Daniel September 16, 2003 04:34 AM

Re: Hi Daniel...
Hi Karol,

Thank you for help. Here is the description of my problem with TL.
I installed TurboLister. I use AMD K6-2 350 RAM 160 Hard drive 8 GB. Win 98 IE 6.0.
After starting TL it offers to log on. I push Connect button. When connection appears the program become frozen. But it works if I lunch connection before starting TL. So, when I choose Upload option and push upload button it downloads only 200-220 Kb. Then message appeard that something wrong with connection and there is no answer from ebay. I used different modems and different PC but there is the same problem.
Tech. support recommended me to download severla files.

I downloaded new files and reinstalled TL.
Then I copied new files in Turbo Lister directory.

The alert message appears when I lunch TL.exe file - 'file TL.EXE connected with absentee component DATAOBJ.DLL:[email protected]@YAJPAJAUIK2AccountsI [email protected]@@Z.'

But DATAOBJ.DLL file exists in Turbo Lister directory.

Do you have any idea?

Daniel September 16, 2003 04:38 AM

Re: Could you please recommend?
Hi Dave,

Thank you for the advise! I'll try to download it.


AZMike September 16, 2003 06:05 PM

With your smaller HD do you...
have a lot of freeze ups?

AZMike September 16, 2003 06:07 PM

Especially with Windows 98
Blue screens of death...

Michael Ross (Aust, Qld) September 17, 2003 01:39 AM

At the risk of stating the obvious
I would try the following...

1: Uninstall TL completely. Let unistall-shield (or whatever comes up when you uninstall) uninstall TL. Then manually delete the TL folder. (To avoid any re-install conflicts later on.)

2. Examine the Windows Temp folder and empty it completely. (Sometimes stuff in that folder interfers with installations.)

3. Turn off any anti-virus programs you have. (They are reknowned for interfering with installs.)

4. Re-install TL. (If you are using the online method instead of downloading the whole file, then leave your anti-virus off while you install.)

5. Reboot.

If that doesn't work... that is, you get the same error message. Copy the dataobj.dll file into the Windows Systems folder - provided there is not one already there. If there is already one there, do not copy it across.

Let us know how it goes by trying the five points above.

Michael Ross

PS. Acting on the information provided in this post is totally your own responsibility.

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