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GordonJ February 12, 2012 12:08 PM

Address America....
We have several people here who have made some nice part time money doing addresses.

My hometown has set the table up for anyone who wishes to make a killing with addresses.

Print out this article, send it to your local fire chief, the mayor...offer to hand the notices...and then offer to do the addresses.

May be good for a couple of you seeking some pretty ez dough, NO?



Glenn February 12, 2012 07:48 PM

Why This is a 300+ million a Year -No Selling- Home Business
Thanks Gordon,

This CAN BE a Fantastic Business for Shy Engineer types who don't want to
Meet or Talk to people.

Which is WHY this parent company and it's distributors is so gigantic.
Their system Targets the Majority of people.

Only about 5% of us can walk up to doors and talk to strangers.
(I've even got one realtor who I've helped go from last to #1 in his brokerage
who sends his WIFE Up to the door 1st.)

He specializes in s elling Foreclosed homes. (Hint - he makes deals with the
Lender so the home owner can pocket SOME MUNNY - Banks are Desperate
to clear their books before real estate drops Further.)


His wife was a Nervous Wreck. So I did one of my FREE - "Energy Mind Map"
phone consults with her. And now she literally RUNS up to the door.

Here's how the NO SELLING Home Signs Biz Works...

a - You go up and down the street hanging a door hanger on home door

b - You come back the next day with Binoculars

c - From the car you can SEE your FLYER hanging YELLOW SIDE OUT
from the door knob

d - This means the home owner has signed the agreement and enclosed
a check for door or curb or mailbox #'s

e - then the engineer type - who already has a machine shop in his basement
goes home and makes the #'s

f - Puts them on the house or curb or mailbox


Glenn Osborn

P.S. - I've forgotten the name of this Giant company. But it's everywhere.
Easy to google and find their website. By now I bet it's in other countries too.

P.P.S. - Here's a Link to one of my FREE - EXTRA ENERGY REPORTS...

I got More Response to my Ezine For This ENERGY Secret from a 100 Year old
Indian Swami - (One of my clients came back from India) than All other previous Ezine offers in the last 10 years...

Phil February 12, 2012 09:14 PM

[Think] Innovation & Creativity, Become the {Fresh} New! Up & Coming Address America
[Think] Innovation & Creativity and Become the {Fresh} New! ... Up and Coming Address America with 20/20 Vision... ;)

All Kinds ''Carvable'' business models... Ideas Out of The Darkness... And The Good ol' News and Media...

Visual Acuity: What is 20/20 Vision? ...

Skeptics into Believers... :)

Al's wife was pretty skeptical at first, at least until Al brought home a fist full of cash. Al became the first Address America Affiliate and David acquired a very good ... Address America...

More Quick Brainstorming! ... Google's Loaded with Related ideas, Sharing of information(s) Media releases... And Please Do it For Me business ideas, models etc. etc...

Smart ''Quick'' PR and Public Relations ideas... Connections & Support are Pretty Much Ready to Grab! ... Develop into Part/Full Time business ideas, models Networking systems, Dealerships and Community Involvement for a Better Tomorrow for everybody including Yourselves! ...

How to Make a Fire Response Card...

get the on how to live in the country. For more than a century, the beauty, serenity and ... Post your municipal address sign in a visible location to help emergency crews ... Review the FireSmart Program, which .... a home based business, the ...

The First Community CPR program will be held on Saturday February 25,2012 from 0900-1300 at the Auburn High School. ... can notify Auburn residents and businesses by telephone, cellular phone, .... Having your address readily visible helps fire, police or ambulance crews find your home more quickly in an emergency.

Endless information... Needs, Requirements and Opportunities! ...

All the best...


SteveSki February 14, 2012 07:39 AM

Re: Address America....
Thanks for sharing that article Gordon. Every Fire Department Chief and Chief of Police in the nation would agree with it.

Here’s how to capitalize on it…. Go to: and download the 5 sheets of paper there.

Print them out and get yourself one sample night vision address sign from Address America. Then approach any Fire or Police department, hand them a copy of the Article and the Photo you downloaded at the above link.

Show them your sample sign and tell them you will donate $5 to the fire department for each sign you install if they like the idea. You do all the work, they reap the benefits.

If you are to shy to knock on doors just post the magic marketing flyers. I included the one I first used 16 years ago at the above link but you should contact Address America and get your hands on the newest flyers.

If you really want to explode your profits knock on doors. If the homeowner is in show him or her your sample sign and use the 30 second sales presentation that you downloaded. If there is no answer post a magic marketing flyer. (You can easily overcome your shyness by memorizing the 30 second sales pitch until you are able to repeat it in your sleep) Using the door knock technique in combination with magic marketing flyers this is what will happened…

Some of the people who were home during the day will have you installed a sign… those who work during the day will see all the new signs like a beacon in the night when they drive home that evening and will think they are pretty cool.

They will find your Magic Flyer on their front door… see all the social proof of everyone else helping the Fire and Police department out and it’s monkey see, monkey do.

You may have to go back and knock on a few more doors and make them say yes or no to helping the fire department raise funds for new equipment by having a life saving night vision address sign installed just like all of the neighbours have done. Many will also want to order one of the several dozen “Vanity Plates” Address America offers to spruce up their sign by attaching it under the address plate which will increase your profits even more.

The Fire Department wins with the funds you raised for new equipment, both Fire and police win because it makes their jobs easier… You win because of all the money you made and your customers win because the signs not only add curb appeal to their homes but they really do save life by enabling Fire, Police and paramedics to locate them when every second can make the difference between life and death during an emergency.

It’s a real honest business that you will feel good about!


Steve Shulenski

YoungGuns March 16, 2012 06:26 AM

Re: Address America....
I was reading in another thread about Address America. Something was mentioned about a member on here named Lawrence that sold a product on how to market this, but he died in 2007. Does anybody have any info on this product?

SteveSki March 16, 2012 08:29 AM

Re: Address America....

Originally Posted by YoungGuns (Post 30271)
I was reading in another thread about Address America. Something was mentioned about a member on here named Lawrence that sold a product on how to market this, but he died in 2007. Does anybody have any info on this product?

I already gave the link in this thread to download what Lawrence shared with me. He also had a unique twist to back-ending peep holes / door viewers but I lost that info when I moved to Australia.

Eva March 20, 2012 02:45 PM

Re: Address America.... Never seen it
I came here in 1986 and I have NEVER seen it! I've lived in the greater Los Angeles area, mostly on the westside, but also in Simi Valley and I have throughout my many in-home sales jobs, travelled all around the counties.

Is this the kind of product that sells best in small town America or what am I missing?


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