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GordonJ May 26, 2008 08:22 PM

Best Buy now in Auto Detailing business...
They have a new big sign at the entrance to my local Best Buy...for CAR detailing. So I walk around to the side and talk to the detailers. For 149 bux, they do a mid-size car, 199 for a big one. FULL and complete detail.

See, they have two installation bays, but most of the time they were empty, and so some savvy guy (maybe Don Alm hit them up) told them how to put one bay to work all the offering a detailing service.

The install guy I talked to said he "resented" it at first, but it was either detail cars or get laid off...and while I was there he was doing a small Mecedes sports car...for the DELUXE treatment.

He says it keeps the guys busy, is much easier than installing and just as much money for them...and when an Install is made, or if they offer an install on the spot...the two guys work together to get the job done...and they have a third guy who handles the phone, paperwork cash register and hops into help when he isn't doing anything else.

I don't know if Best Buy is doing this in your neck of the woods...but it seems a pretty smart way to keep people employed, provide a quality add on service and to create another profit center while holding on to experienced install people who may have been put out of work.

No matter what the economy does, people love their CARS and there are many groups who don't have the time, but do have the MONEY to have their cars taken care of. Still a good business.

I wonder how many auto repair shops and little one man repair and/or empty bays there might be in your neck of the woods?

Then, for you in the peanut gallery, here's a good "buy" being offered up on eBay:

Item number: 290232969783

HOT dog truck...could be used for Peanuts or Gyros or events.

Cheap way to get into a lucrative all cash business.


Adman May 26, 2008 10:25 PM

So is this guy...
About 10 yrs ago, "Ken" opened a "Quick Oil Change" business with 2 bays. He was going along well until someone else opened a competing biz at the other side of town....then "Ken's" biz slowed down. Then, 2 yrs ago someone opened an "Oil Can Henry's" (which is VERY snazzy, with mechanics wearing spiffy uniforms AND CAPS)

"Ken's biz really slowed I've used "Ken's" service since he opened, I suggested he use the bay he uses for "Radiator Flushes" and offer a "Detailing" service in that bay. It's rarely used and he took my advice and now has a 2nd bay for "Detailing"....although he doesn't charge "$149 to $199" for Detailing. I don't think he can get that in a small town. my area....the first 4 months in 2007 there were a little over 1100 homes sold in that period. The first 4 mos of 2008, there were 306 homes sold. About 1/4th the number. This meant that MANY Real Estate Agents were scrambling to keep up their payments on their SUV's.

Around New Years, I suggested to a RE buddy (who hadn't sold or listed a property in the last 4 mos of the year) that he offer a "Mobile Detailing" service to his RE buddies who WERE selling or listing....right in their office parking lot.

This was not a "Full Detail" job...just a quick wash and polish with a new chemical that you spread on and wipe off...vac and spritz the interior...for $50.

I told him just 5 or 6 jobs a day...would allow him to "make his payments" until he sold or listed a property. He took my advice and is now also going to businesses other that Realty Offices...doing 8 to 10 cars a day.

So...he's now "making Lemonade out of his Lemon".

I'll bet someone reading this could go to a local "Oil Change" or "Auto Repair" shop...set up a portable canopy and provide a "Car Detailing" service, giving a commission to the owner or "renting" the space.

They could also use the special chemical that makes the "Black Plastic" on a car, look like new. (I forgot who was offering a Report here, on doing just this service to car dealers)

The country may not be in an actual recession BUT...Dell Computers pulled out of our town knocking 280 people outa w job. And...with only 1/4th of the Houses being sold...Lowe's, Home Depot and the 2 lumber yards in our town are "hurting bad" the extent that the Big Box stores have laid off people...and other businesses have slowed down to where UNemployment in my area is 12%.

So...with gas at $4/gal and going higher daily...some of you folks could be in a "belt-squeezing" time in the next few mos or years.

Don Alm
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Phil May 27, 2008 12:34 AM

Re: Best Buy now in Auto Detailing business...
Ideas... Ideas... The News is full of them...

Free business models for the Taking into your Own ideas...

Barter, Joint Venture, Sublet and get Access to Free space...

Drip Free Auto Detail is the name of his shop. He sublets a garage from an auto shop in West Valley City. "I do everything from express detailing to a full ...

Teen running successful car-detailing company

Utah woman making her way in automotive business

Your Free manual...

Professional Carwashing & Detailing is proud to introduce its exclusive weekly newsletter for the detail industry, Professional Detailing News ...

... to a $500000 car and their American Express card." That trust is why Shapiro doesn't fear competition, although Auto Vault is a pretty simple concept. ...

Hmmm... I Bet there's some Auto Hotsheet ideas in the following...

... unique monthly visitors in March 2008, making one of the top 70 automotive web sites in the world. CarGurus' active community of auto fans ...

This table shows factory-to-customer cash rebates, factory-to-dealer incentives, reduced-rate financing plans and the dates they expire for light trucks as ...,1934185.story

Keep an Eye on this one...

His invention is called the Healthwise Auto-Filter, a patented interior car filter, and the producers who came to Kingston looking for ideas loved it. ...

Auto mechanic filters through Dragonsí Den sieh

Yes.. I'm addicted to the news...

5-10 minutes of Googling can get you started in business... ;)


YourNextBoss June 15, 2008 03:26 PM

Re: Best Buy now in Auto Detailing business...
Ya, I had this done to 2 of my cars from best buy. I live in Hudson close to the falls, the service there is great and they did a terrific job. I go to the montrose best buy too, but I didn't see any offering of this. Honestly though, I've had it done from other places but you can't beat the price best buy has. My F150 was done for 150 everything inside and out, and my wifes Camry was done for 130 inside and out, they even did MY ENGINE! If you think about it, they have pristine retail locations and I for one don't usually venture into the "not so good" parts of town where most of the detailing shops are located. I also HATE DEALERSHIPS WITH A PASSION! I refuse to go to them until I need my next car. What I like most about their detailing is that I can go out to eat or shopping since my best buy is on a strip of tons of other stores and restaurants and by the time I'm done I can go pick up my truck and be on my way. I can see taking my cars up to them at least every other month give or take. Did you notice anything about "winter" detailing? I probably have my truck washed once a week to get the salt off. The only downside to having best buy detail my truck is now I might be convinced to have a new stereo put in my truck after talking to one of the guys up there. Do you know the name of the guy you talked to? My guy was very enthusiastic about doing this. I think his name was keith or kevin maybe. So to you idea thinkers out there......this is a great idea, you need to have a great location for someone like me to take my car out there

bobmcalister April 4, 2009 12:10 PM

Re: Best Buy now in Auto Detailing business...
I keep telling phil he should start his own membership ( obviously free to all members of sowpub ! ) to provide immediate answers to ANY question

the guy is amazing , although maybe my own limited vocabulary sometime makes it difficult for me to comprehend his answers

thanks for the info Phil

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