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Martin Buckley September 5, 2003 11:49 AM

I Need Help Regarding Leads To Mother's
Hi Everyone,
I wanted to know if anyone could provide me with some ways to get the names and addresses of mother's to be and or the names and adddresses of women who have just had a baby within the last year. I have a baby keepsake gift item that I would like to market to mother's and I want to target my market as best as I can inorder to not waste marketing dollars. Any help on this would be helpfull.

Thank you!

Linda September 7, 2003 09:51 PM

Re: I Need Help Regarding Leads To Mother's

> I wanted to know if anyone could provide me
> with some ways to get the names and
> addresses of mother's to be....

First thing.... "mothers" is not spelled with a apostrophe. That's not meant to insult... it's meant to make your advertising look more professional. An apostrophe is used to show possession or when a word is a contraction of two words. Can not becomes can't. My mother's favorite dress shows possession of an object.

Plurals do not use an apostrophe. Just an "s." Boy - Boys. Girl - Girls. Mother - Mothers. : )

Okay, with that pet peeve taken care of, head over to Google and type in Mom+ezine. You'll get a list of tons of sites with motherhood related ezines and newsletters.

Don't type in Mother unless you know how to use the advanced search to go boolean and eliminate the massive number of "mother earth" stuff you'd get.

Try "pregnancy+Ezine" too.

Good luck!

: )

David Frey September 8, 2003 09:28 AM

Here's How to Mass Market Your Product for Less Than $141.13
Hello Martin,

I noticed your post and thought I'd share a few
thoughts with you. You mentioned that you have
a new birthmothers keepsake that you want to market
to mothers and would like suggestions on how to
get lists.

You didn't mention your price point or if its
a customized product (customized for each mother
and child).

If You Have a Price Point Below $50 and If the
Product Is Not Customized Then I Would...

...consider taking a different strategy for marketing
your item. You see, its difficult to market
any product by direct mail that costs under
$50. Unless you have a HIGHLY targeted list
with an unusually great salesletter the economics
just don't add up. You'll end up losing your

The only reason I would sell a product through
direct mail thats under $50 is if it led to other
products and services that increased the lifetime
value of that customer (in other had a
big backend).

Selling This Type of Item Online is Also Very...

...dificult because it does not solve a bad
problem. You see, for the most part, people
go online to search for information on...

1. specific products or services

2. to research information that helps them solve
a bad problem(s)

If you pay close attention to a "regular" internet
surfer (I am not a regular internet surfer and
you might not be either. Anyone who has an online
business, I don't consider a regular internet
surfer. We are in a completely different class
of internet users) you'll find that they usually
go onlline for information for these two purposes
(and to check their email ofcourse, which might
lead them off into random cyberspace surfing).

Here's What I Would Do If I Were Selling a Product...

...such as yours. I would concentrate on marketing
it to catalogs. The beauty of selling through
catalogs is that you can MOVE a lot of merchandise
with just one order and they're relatively easy
to get into if you have the right product and the
economics makes sense.

I suggest you get these two books. Whenever
I market to catalogs these are the two books I use.

1. The Catalog of Catalogs by Edward L. Palder.
You can purchase it at for

2. How to Market a Product for Under $500 by
Jeffrey Dobkin. You can get a used version at
Amazon for $9.70 (This book talks about selling
to catalogs and even gives you a 7 letter
sequence to use.)

Now if you're really serious about marketing your
product you should consider investing in Joe
Cossman's "Complete Marketing Package." You can
but it for $395 right here

If there was ever a person who knew how to sell
products (like yours) it was the Late Great Mr.
Joe Cossman.

I Counted Over 48 Different "Mother/Baby Oriented
Catalogs" in the Catalog of Catalogs That You...

...can market to. So lets say you did a seven
letter campaign to the 48 catalogs. That would
cost you $141.12 (7 letters x 48 companies =
336 letters x .42 postage plus paper)

If your product is even halfway decent, it WILL
get picked up. These catalogs are HUNGRY for new
items. Finding new and unusual products is their

Now if you do ezine advertising or direct mail
to individual mothers or even space ads in
niche magazines, get ready to pay a LOT of money.

Why not market it to the mass merchandisers and
let them do all the work for you. You've probably
always heard that you're one salesletter away from
being a millionaire. I always say, you're one
catalog away from being a multimillionaire.

David Frey
Author, Small Business Marketing Bible

The Small Business Marketing Bible

Martin Buckley September 8, 2003 11:46 PM

David Thanks For The Info And Great Ideas (DNO) (NT)

Barbara September 10, 2003 01:48 PM

Re: I Need Help Regarding Leads To Mother's
> Hi, and thanks for the Mom+Ezine tip. I am looking for families with small children also and can't wait to give this a try. If anyone has any other ideas send them my way.

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