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-TW March 24, 2013 04:14 AM

AAahhhh! (SWEET vindication!)...
I just posted this on the Nutella USA facebook page...

AHA! AT LAST! FINALLY you have *wised up*!!
I FINALLY see a TV commercial where the VOICEOVER guy is pronouncing the product as, "NUT-ella." (NOT "NEW-tella").

By the way, this is obviously a REDO of the commercial, cuz the on-screen actress STILL pronounces it "NEW-tella."

I always wondered why the US ads MISTAKENLY pronounced it "NEW-tella." I mean, what do they think it's made out of, "HAZEL NEWTS?!?!"

-- TW

PS: My previous post on the subject (6/12)...

kpalmquist March 24, 2013 03:15 PM

Re: AAahhhh! (SWEET vindication!)...
It's a boring Sunday afternoon, so I'll kill a little time with this.

Nutella is from the Italian company Ferrero and was available throughout Europe for many years before being widely available in the US. Most European languages don't have the severe short "U" sound like we do. It is usually pronounced like the "oo" in the word look, or the "U" in put. Most early users would have been exposed to it in Europe (it is very popular in Switzerland and southern Germany). The "Newtella" pronunciation seems to be a slight mispronunciation of that "U" sound. An anology would be Porsche. Many Americans pronounce it "porsh", while Europeans (including British) pronounce it "por-sheh", which is the correct German pronunciation. Those Americans who pronounce it as a German are often accused of affectation.

...Or not....


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