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Dien Rice August 15, 2013 04:35 PM

Very valuable stuff, Glenn! Thanks!
Wow Glenn, this is VERY valuable stuff!

And you're absolutely right about stories. We humans are "wired" for stories. We've communicated using stories for thousands of years. It ain't gonna change any time soon.

Thanks... I'm looking forward to the next instalments! :)

- Dien

Glenn August 16, 2013 06:20 PM

CHAPTER #8 - My Triumphant 3 Hour Trip to the DMV Torture Circus
CHAPTER #8 - Department of Motor Vehicles FUN & GAMES. How I OUT-THUNK The Employees At The DMV & You Can Too.


When I entered the DMV Torture room there were 13 Substations inside a giant open space. One employee at each desk.

And a heavy-set Russian Lady at the front door. AND A LINE.

I arrived at 2pm - late in the day.


Because Coffee drinkers get buzzed/fuzzy late in the day. They want to go
home. And most folks at the DMV are chubby and over-weight. So after a
day of filling out forms via computer screens.

And taking photos of UNhappy drivers...

Their eyes hurt.
Feet hurt.
Joints ache.
Headache too.

I confirmed this at the DMV. Squinting, fidgety, slumping, limping workers
are EZ to spot.

How did I Predict all of this Before I arrived?

HUMAN NATURE does not change.

I had a job at a Big University. I managed 500 Janitors and maintenance
men. They'd literally RUN out to their cars at 5pm. Race each other
out of the parking lot.

Literally last week a little brunette cashier named Jessica LOCKED me into
her STAPLES office supply store. She pulled the huge metal grate over the
front door 30 minutes BEFORE closing.

I had two Tasks at the DMV Circus:

I - Renew my drivers license
II - Transfer Title and Tags

My Computer # was I-17. I remember it well because the computerized
voice called it THREE times in 3 hours. (They don't use names. Just a #.)

2 PM - The heavyset Russian lady Gave me a # and 3 Forms to fill out.

2:30PM - A heavy Black lady typed in my Insurance data and charged me
110.00 to transfer the truck title.

3Pm - I sat - watched 2 kids beat each other up. Until their Dad sat btwn them

3:30PM - I sat - Watched SCARY - chubby folks in wheelchairs, crutches,
limping behind rolling walkers and canes GET Handicapped Drivers Licenses.

4PM - WHOOPEE. Bored Employees Sat Up and Worked Faster.

1st - I-17 got called. A Brunette sat there. Hair in a pony tail. My Registration Card was 3 years old. She didn't care.

2nd - My License was beat up. Dirty. Photo and Social Smudged. She
didn't care.

3rd - Ms Pony Tail Raced Across the room and WAVED at me. I hurried over
to a black guy with Dreadlocks. He typed in some more computer forms.

Took my photo. Charged me 24.00

4th - 2 Minutes later. An Asian lady next to him waved at me. She handed
me my laminated Drivers license.

4:15PM - there were BARS and Red Traffic Cones and Yellow TAPE over
the entrance door. The Russian lady had to un-bar, unlock, un-tape 2
sets of doors to let me out!

A I tell my White-faced and sweating Clients after an hour of Brainstorming
ideas for their business in a conference room.

go lie down and rest cuz they can't use their BRAINS for very long without

"You Should eat Super Spinach like me. That way you can Out-Think and
out-work your coffee, red bull guzzling competitors."

Obviously a little Extra Brain-Power helps in the struggle
against coffee drinking - McDonalds fake-food eating - DMV workers too.




Obviously this is my own personal Super Spinach Story. A recent one too.

Notice how I Used...

A, B, C


#1, #2, #3 -

Why did I do that?

Because An outline format helps get Specifics organized.

And when you are writing up your own experience. Especially
one that happened over 3 hours. BORING in the extreme.

Except for the planning. And the last few minutes BEFORE closing time.

It's a good strategy to outline specific points with BULLETS.

I will bet you.

That the Next time you think about arriving at 7:30Am at the DMV - you will
think twice. Depending on what you have to do.

A long line at 8am might not be your best plan.

I didn't have an Up-to-Date Registration card. Drivers license
dirty, wrinkled, unreadable. BUT I knew their computers had all the data.

I wanted the DMV folks TIRED and Eager to go home so they didn't
get FUSSY about the small stuff.

Gummn't folks LUV to go crazy about such details.


Next Up.


Glenn August 16, 2013 08:21 PM

CH #9 - Why People SKIP Details That Help You Write The Best Case Studies
CHAPTER #9 - Why People Don't Remember Stories in Any Particular Order
And SKIP FACTS & How This HELPS Your Write Their Testimonials.

You heard me.

A bad out-of-order story teller often makes a fantastic Testimonial
or Case Study.

How does that work - you ask?


I read a Scientific American article that said that for each person or item
of information we have ONE BRAIN CELL.

So it's no wonder that we sometimes LOSE a name. Or a location or Data
particle among billions of brain cells!

The Advantage is:

People remember by linking one face or fact to another. So if you
Listen and let them talk you will hear some Amazing details you'd
never have believed that person would come up with.

Here's what I do.

I listen and take notes.

Willy nilly.

Just to get facts - features and benefits in the page.

THEN I Ask their Permission:

May I have your Permission to write what you told me up? Then
send it to you to be sure I've got it all correct?


They are always happy to have someone ELSE do the work of
writing up their recollection.

Another SECRET to getting Case Studies.


Let's look at how this might work for an already written Testimonial.

FIRST the Testimonial.

SECOND - My raw outline.

THIRD - My 10, 9, 8, 7 order outline.


I have started on New Earth's Essentials and lost 4 belt notches in 4 weeks. I
have no allergy symptoms and I wake up alert and refreshed. I eliminated
coffee from my diet and I am eating mostly raw vegetarian now. I have a lot
more energy than before.

The New Earth products that I use are the basic essentials, heart essentials
and beauty essentials. I like the convenience of the Essentials products.

I also love the BGBars as well and I take E12 enzyme capsules once or twice
each day.

I now have a much smaller appetite. I have an almond milk with cacao and
Simply SBGA smoothie every morning. I eat a large raw veggie salad as my
other meal of the day, most days.

I'm so grateful for New Earth's products.

Ken Kennell
Maui, Hawaii

SECOND - The rough outline of facts.

Big Belly got smaller just from digestive enzymes

IF we calculate a belt notch as 2 lbs - 4 notches is 8 lbs.

No jittery side effects

Major Change - Felt so much energy he doesn't need coffee

Major Change - Started eating mostly vegetarian

Is eating 6 different "New Earth" mineral products

Feels less hunger

Drinking almond milk instead of cow milk

Drinking a smoothie for breakfast

Only eats 2 meals a day. Large raw veggie salad is meal #2

THIRD - Put in order of Importance - 10, 9, 8

10 -Pulled in belt 4 notches in 4 weeks

9 - Feels less hungry

8 - Feels more energy without coffee

7 - Smoothie and almond milk for breakfast

6 - Big raw veggie salad for other meal

5 - Started eating mostly vegetables - vegetarian



I'd like to know more.

What he didn't tell us was his REASON WHY for making such a quick
drastic change.

Sounds like he switched to vegetarian in 4 weeks. Suddenly started
eating only 2 meals a day. A smoothie and salad - mostly liquid.

Did he have a Heart Attack?

It would take something drastic to FORCE such a Rapid Change.


If I didn't suddenly Get Arthritis caused by Foods in the Nightshade family
and wheat, I'd still be eating tomatoes, potatoes, wheat bread and pizza.

I still cheat on my diet.
And limp when I do.

In my opinion a 3rd party interviewer would have ASKED Questions to explain
what in the SAM HILL happened to force such a rapid change.

Because the Super Spinach products alone - didn't fix my arthritis. I ALSO
had to change what I ate. Or WAKE myself up screaming when I rolled over
in my sleep.

How do I Know Ken isn't telling us the WHOLE STORY?

Because I've talked to folks who wouldn't change what they eat

My Point?

Listen to your Testimonial.

Read the Case Study out loud.

ASK yourself, "What did I leave out or skip over?"

The actual person who Experienced or Lived the Case Study is often too
close to the story to understand the Importance of telling THE REASON WHY
Behind his or her behavior.


Next Up...


Glenn August 17, 2013 01:45 PM

CHAPTER #10 - How to Write a Testimonial When A Client Won't TALK to You
CHAPTER #10 - How to Write a Testimonial Even Though The Client
Won't Talk to You.


When a consulting client hires me I always send them a few bottles of SUPER
SPINACH. Too boost their brain-power and energy.

Self interest on my part really. Less work for ME if the client can suddenly
think faster and doesn't sleep as much.

I met Charlie at a Marketing seminar.

I asked him, "How do You get Clients to pay you 50% of anything you save
them from your medicare consulting?"

Charlie said, "I attend symposiums full of Nursing Home Managers and
owners. Talk to the people sitting beside, in front and in back of me. And
they ALL hire me.

In my research for Charlie we went after BIG FISH. We discovered 2
brothers in Texas who owned 364 Nursing Homes.


How to GRAB 2 Billionaires' Attention?

So I wrote a 2 page Summary of what Charlie did. He quit working for
Blue Cross Blue Shield. Used the most clever ideas he'd found Nursing
Home owners using all over the USA to boost his own Nursing Home clients

Measuring the Sq Footage of a building all the way to the outside of the walls.

Using the stairs for "Exercise."

All kinds of cool stuff.

We'd helped Charlie DOUBLE his income. And I'd find him working at 1 am.
I'd hear him jumping up and down (He'd call me on the phone all excited
when he found another million in savings for a client.)

Or taking walks with his sister - instead of sitting in front of the Computer.
She liked all his extra energy. And the fact he was healthier and skinnier.

But NOT his longer hours.

THEN we got FIRED.

It happened like this.

I'd written 2 pages to Explain How Charilie saved Nursing home Clients
Millions - Retroactively.

AND Gotten one Nursing Home Manager to write us a Testimonial showing
he was able to claim 2.3 million extra on his Blue Cross insurance claims.

AND my big coup...

I Wrote Letters to 2 other Nursing Home Managers who wouldn't send me

Quoting their year by year increases in Blue Cross compensation. Charlie
tracked everything.


A - Letter to clearly State What Charlie did
B - 2 Testimonials from a Hospital and a Nursing Home
C - 1 Letter I wrote TO Charlie's biggest Nursing Home Manager
D - An outline of 14 Nursing Homes in Michigan - where Charlie discovered
32 million in hidden moolah - And said he could go back Retro-actively and
get munny re-imbursed from previous years too.

Called the 2 billionaire brothers Nursing Home Manager on the phone. And
He did not believe what Charlie did was possible.

So we Federal Expressed our A, B, C PROOF.

Then called him back on MONDAY.

THE MAN WAS GONE! His secretary and staff didn't know where he was.

Runaway and got married?

Then THE MANAGER called me from an airplane.


He Explained. He'd taken our package across the hall to the 2 brothers.
They'd thrown his butt on a night-owl flight to Michigan to FIND THE MUNNY.

Because they didn't want to pay Charlie 50% of what he'd uncovered!

AND that's how we got FIRED by Charlie.

Actually I blame his sister.

Charlie would have kept paying us to systematize what he did so he didn't
have to work such long hours.

THE SISTER wanted us gone.

We'd landed a billionaire client with over 300 Nursing Homes for Charlie
to work on. She figured Charlie didn't need any more consulting.

Used to happen a lot.

We've gotten better about NOT blowing the doors off a clients business
since then. WHO KNEW we could close a billionaire client in a weekend.

Using only 6 or 8 sheets of paper?


The point of Chapter #10 is this...

You can mix A letter full of specific bottom line Benefits you've helped
clients obtain With Testimonials and Case Studies from others.

Case Study
Thank You Letter to a Client Listing How much he made
Case Study

It doesn't have an much Oooomp as a customer written Endorsement. But
if you give enough details YOUR LETTER is very effective.

GREED is very motivating IF you Can Show & Tell The Proof in Print!

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Stay Tuned for A BONUS CHAPTER - "SQUEAKY the 1/2 Starved Cat We
Caught In A Humane Trap Instead of the Raccoon Eating Our SweetCorn."

Squeaky was abandoned. Hid a litter of kittens under our wood pile. So
My challenge was to help her gain weight fast so she could nurse her 4

Glenn August 18, 2013 12:37 AM

How Do You Make MUNNY with a Free Book?
Thanks for reading my Book About Copywriting,

A Golden Rule of Success.

Find and help mentors.

Don't ask permission. Just Grab Hold and LIFT.

GO THE EXTRA 100 Miles to Help Successful Golden Rule Mentors.


My Major goal was to write an Entertaining Book using Barb's Testimonials
that did 3 things...

Thing #1 - Made Barb Smile

Thing #2 - Made Barbara LAUGH.

Thing #3 - Got Barbara thinking thoughts such as, "I wonder if any of my
13,000 customers would ALSO ENJOY this book?"

Thing #4 - Perhaps Some of those same Super Spinach eating 13,000
customers might email the book to THEIR buyers and prospects.

JUST SUPPOSE The 10 Chapter Book Persuaded 50% or 5000 of Barb's
Buyers to purchase 100.00 More Super Spinach products EACH.

That's 500,000.00 Smackers

JUST Suppose The Goofy Super Spinach Wgt Loss Book helps Convince
1000 people to become new "Associates" and order 150.00 of Super Spinach
A month.

Let me get my pencil.

Ok. 150.00 X 12 months = 1800.00

Scratching my head - chewing on my pencil.

AND 1800.00 X 1000 new customers = 1.8 million dollars

1.8 plus .5 million = 2.3 million simoleons


Just Maybe.

Perhaps It's possible that Barb might want to do this again.

And since I've got this idea to create a Puppy Dog/Crazy Cat/Zany People
Cartoon Series from my silly Alt-Health MAGIC-MINERAL stories.

Using DOG TREATS Stuffed with SUPER SPINACH Essentials - given to
Dog Walkers, Pet Vets, Pet Stores, SPCA Pet Cage Warehouses,
And Super Pet Food Stores
Collect the WONDERFUL Before and After Dog & Cat Stories.

(EDITORS NOTE - Yes I know I have to figure out a better way of Getting
Minerals into finicky cats.)

AND Barb has 100's more Testimonials About Pets.

And Case Studies in the EXTRA ENERGY without Coffee arena.

And Better Health and Pain Relief Niches.

Barbara might Mail me a LOLLIPOP and a Note with a Red Sticker
And an A+ on top like my 3rd Grade Teacher Mrs Myers did.

Surprising things will happen.

All Fantastically good.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Or course I'll post the book on Kindle for .99 and sell it on my
New-Munny-Making-Idea - Testing Ezine Archive for 1.00...

And write about our Weird ADVENTURES in the Free Ezine - too.

Dien Rice August 18, 2013 12:35 PM

I agree with your Golden Rule of Success...

Originally Posted by Glenn (Post 33076)
Thanks for reading my Book About Copywriting,

A Golden Rule of Success.

Find and help mentors.

Don't ask permission. Just Grab Hold and LIFT.

GO THE EXTRA 100 Miles to Help Successful Golden Rule Mentors.

Thanks Glenn,

Great stuff in those chapters! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot, too...

First, on the story in chapter 8 - that was good strategy (in the story) - showing how to "out-think" the opposition (in this case, the people at the DMV)...

I've never seen a book on using testimonials before. However, it's very important... People today want PROOF - they're more skeptical than in the "old days" - and testimonials are a form of proof.

Your advice on mentors is important. I've learned a lot from various mentors... They're absolutely critical. It's important to get yourself one or more mentors, to help you out...

As Glenn says, you can help mentors out.

Here's a related article from Steve Blank. He's an expert on startups, and often has new entrepreneurs wanting to take him out for coffee, to tap his brain and get his advice. In fact, so many do, that he just doesn't have time to say "yes" to everyone...

So, who does he choose? He asks that age-old question, "What's in it for me?"

Or as he puts it, "What are you offering?" (Not as in money, but as in "who is offering to teach me something I don’t know.")

How to get meetings with people too busy to see you (by Steve Blank)

Helping mentors out is another way of doing that... of offering something in return.

Let's say, I saw this first-hand with a very wealthy mentor I know. Many people wanted his help. He gave it, then they wanted more, and more help. They offered nothing in return, and just took up his time, and wanted more and more of it. Eventually, they expected this mentor to create success for them! When he finally said he was too busy with his own things - they then blamed him for not helping them! Some people are just not grateful - and they also offered nothing to him in return, despite all the helpful advice and his own time that he gave...

It should always be "win/win"...

Thanks Glenn, for sharing some of your wisdom...!

Best wishes,


Glenn August 20, 2013 09:00 PM

Dien - Ho-Hum-Yawn - Now We Edit & Rewrite

I added This INTRODUCTION on top.

Here is your Opportunity to BORROW ideas you can use in your own writing.
Or If you do it differently - Teach me some new tricks.

I - You can write and control everything on a page with some very simple
Html code. I learned it from Ebay.

<center> <center>
<li> </li> list

II - The code at the top and bttm of this intro I got from SowPub.
It keeps the copy nice and narrow and easy to read.

<p><table align="center" width="650" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
<td valign="top"><font face="arial" size="2" color="#000000">

<p><b><center>How to Write Case Studies and Testimonial Stories that SLAP
Your Readers Awake</center></b>



<p>CH #1 - STOP Boring Readers-Use Specific Benefits

<p>CH #2 - How We Got Randy's 250 Pound War Dog "Sister" to Lose Weight So She Didn't Suffer So Much in The 120 Degree Texas Heat

<p>CH #3 - How to Chop Up a Long WAR DOG Weight Loss Story into a Short Weight Loss Testimonial.

<p>CH #4 - 15 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial

<p>CH #5 - Why Our 34 Lb Cat *Flip* Suddenly Started Chasing Chipmunks Up The Brick Walls of The House

<p>CH #6 - A Good Looking Testimonial That SUCKS Because it Chases People Away. (This is a Very Common But Deadly Mistake.)

<p>CH #7 -

<p>CH #8 -

<p>CH #9 -

<p>CH #10 -




<p>Because I chose to borrow (With Permission) Testimonials and Case Studies from a mentors website to use as examples for this “HOW-TO-WRITE-Memorable-Case-Studies” book...

<p> A website that supports 12 million dollars a year in Wild Minerals grown by Mother Nature. I’ve been given an education is writing within the law.

<p>#1 - No Company names

<p>#2 - We’ve Changed the names of all of the Testimonial Authors

<p>#3 - We had to remove all Specific Vitamin or mineral product names.


<p>We’ve been doing this for 20 years in my own Ezine and In The Sales Letters for 77 NLP Info products - so far.


<p>FIRST - People are much more generous with embarrassing details in their Endorsements or Case Studies when you Change their names to Rosie. Or Buster. Or Zammer.

<p>SECOND - The Specific Details and Benefits are ALL there. And Only Those Who Want to know More NEED to Hear THE REST OF THE DETAILS and Story.

<p>THIRD - Product names and Corporate Company names Get in the way of telling the Story, anyway. So You Aren’t missing anything.

<p>Just the Reverse, actually.

<p>This will be good practice for your own Copywriting efforts for Yourself and for clients.


<p>If you want your Endorsements and Case Studies to Be Different than the others Include Specific points and benefits.

<p>Wanna’ see BAD Testimonials?

<p>Visit and read the Reader Comments listed under any book. Especially NON-FICTION. I dare you to find many that are worth a darn.

<p>If a book gave you an idea that made you munny, helped you manage people or saved you time SAY SO.

<p>But other-wise - shut up.



<p>So I’m Ticked off. Turns out the #1 reason folks get on the internet is to TALK. And most don’t have anything much to say. In my humble opinion.

<p> </font></td>

Glenn August 20, 2013 09:29 PM

This E-Mail Got a Phone Call from a Stranger in 12 Minutes
Thanks Dien,

Great article on how to get a mentor to take time to HELP You for F-r-e-e.

Offer to Tell them something New They Don't Know.

I do something Similar to set up interviews with Affluent men and women
in many different industries.


This musician met a friend of mine at an 18,000.00 event. Instead of calling
Him up anonymously.

I FLATTERED him and visited his website. Mentioned a specific item on it.

Established common musical ground.

BRIBED him with several proven music/entertainment based munny making


This Method Saves Time.

Prospects EITHER Call you, Email you RIGHT AWAY.
RUN SCREAMING into the night and get eaten by bears.

Thanks (British-Rocker),

I really liked your 4 bars of music - "This is it"

Probably great for a signature custom job.

But where is the Rest of the tune?

I made many thousands of dol lars singing and then played the trumpet professionally.

But decided I had to write and promote my own music
to be successful.

Got into Marketing instead.

I Interview Self made mil lionaire Entrepreneurs around the world for a living now.

SHARE what really works for them.

NOT what they say to do.


P.S. - I notice on your site you s ell a CD of your music. AND have an up-coming gig.

HERE is a Referral System to build your list.

Several other performers have used
this successfully to double their s ales.

EACH time you s ell 1 CD - Ship THREE copies out.


Because people who LUV your Brit/Rock music know OTHERS who like the same thing.

And they'll come back to your site and b uy more.

P.P.S. - I'm working with a Young Magician Who made 100K in 30 days with
my help - while still in college.

He is now doing Anti Bully MAGIC, Anti-Drug Shows
at public schools.

10% of back-of-room s ales go to the School.

THAT is the key - principals have ZERO munny from county, state, federal -
so they will HIRE you and even mail your flyers home to parents IF you p ay
them a %age of the back end s ales.

3rd Munny Strategy...

You need more STUFF to s ell at your website.

I know a guy with 100,000 wanna be song writers who tune in weekly
to hear who advances to WIN a Gig at a Miami Club to perform.

DO YOU plan to Record and S ell your Aug 22nd Gig?


Folks who b uy a studio album will b uy a "LIVE" version

I have an Archive
where I give away
500 mil lion of
proven tested S ales and marketing ideas like the above.


Require people to PASS a Test at

Before they are QUALIFIED to go to the ARCHIVE and B UY any of my 77 info products from me.

Margaret just passed.

Only 1 in 20 QUALIFY.

THIS IS ANOTHER Strategy you can do on-stage or on website. OFFER a
RAFFLE or F-r-e-e Drawing.

Glenn August 26, 2013 06:58 PM

TEST Yourself - Which of These 7 Book titles Got 500% More Votes

It pays BIG to FAIL.

I sell 3 to 10 TIMES more books if I Headline Test.
(IF I wing it - sales Tank.)

As long as you don't spent time and munny on each FAILURE.

"Failure" and "Test" mean the same thing.

And this may be why most folks FAIL at selling their books and info products.
They Skip the Testing Step.

I ALWAYS Flunk Badly at choosing the winning title.

So I BRIBE my customers to share their Opinions of a list
of the best Headlines I've written.

Then Switch to the winner.

Here is a Recent Headline Test for My Newest Book:


Post your Opinion BELOW - as to Your Best Guess on the winner.

In a couple days - IF anyone shares their Headline Choice Here...

I'll post the winning Book title.

The one that got 5 TIMES more votes than all the rest.

If nobody cares and shares.

The Winner will Remain a Mystery.


I'm cheerfully Blackmailing you.



Pick Your #1 Top Favorite Headline and Email it Back to me at [email protected] - in order to Get The 2 Bil-lionaire Brothers Report.

Our Headline List:

___A - How to Write Case Studies and Testimonial Stories that SLAP
Your Readers Awake

___B - If Laughter is a Nifty S-ales Trance State--How Do We Use it in Print?

___C - The Story of a Bad Little Boy Feeding Super Spinach to Dogs, Cats & People for P-a-y-It-Forward FUN

___D - How to Double The Persuasive Power of Your Testimonials and Case Study Story Telling

___E - How to Write For Munny By Dropping NLP Case Studies into the Mix

___F - How to Build a Power-Packed Testimonial or Case Study with This 53 Page Book

___G - 5 Secrets of How to Write Case Studies, Testimonials and Success Stories That Compel Readers to P-a-y You

Thank You For Sending me You #1 Headline PICK,
Glenn Osborn

MMacGillivray August 27, 2013 03:14 AM

Re: I'm Writing A Book for a Lady w/13,000 Customers & Can Use HELP
Morning Glenn

I'll Guess



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