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-TW August 30, 2007 01:45 AM

need some advice...
Here's what I want to do...

1) Have a teleseminar (on phone) that callers can listen in on and participate with (ask Qs, etc.), then

2) have it recorded and then...

3) offer it online as a download people would PURCHASE (for $10 or so).

I know how to do #s 1 + 2.

But how do I set up #3 ?

-- steer me in the right direction, please.

Phil August 30, 2007 02:08 AM

Re: need some advice...

Teleseminar's can be setup, sold and downloaded through Paypal, Clickbank etc. just like info products are...


GordonJ August 30, 2007 10:01 AM

Are you asking about the nuts and bolts? If so, then

You'll need a place to host the files. You might already have one, or you can get some webspace and a domain at about a million places...I use godaddy for some things.

You'll have AUDIO files in some format, I suggest you have wav and MP3 files, there are FREE applications out there that help you convert from one file to the other.

Best thing to do is to RECORD in MP3, and there are some nice affordable digital recorders to do the archives and there is a whole thread on this.

You'll have your files hosted on a site, it will have it's own url...for example, www whatever dot com/whatever/ YOUR FILE

You'll need a promotional page, most likely a sales page, and an ORDER page...and then a Thank You download page.

If you need us to get into more specifics, please let us know. If you have questions there are plenty of people here to quickly answer them.


PS. You can go (along with everyone else) to and see the basics of what you need...

a order page...a thank you/download page...ONLY difference is that your customer will download an Audio file, and you can offer it in both wav (MS default for it's media player) or MP3 the preferred by most type of file.

Let us know if this helps or not.

djc94509 August 30, 2007 10:57 AM

Re: need some advice...
open source cms system would handle this. Joomla I recommend but Drupal could handle it as well.

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