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Gerard December 20, 2007 02:04 PM

Vinyl & Leather Repair
Someone earlier asked about the carpet cleaning business. Now I would like to post a similar question about Vinyl and Leather repair. Some time ago I came across the website This site is owned by a man whose first name is Thad, who has had his own business in Pennsylvania for 30 years.

Thad offers training by both DVDs and in-person. I have exchanged emails with him and he has been very personable. I think he probably offers good training and service (is a rep for SEM -- manufacturer of vinyl/leather repair products). What Thad doesn't do is mention profit projections. In fact, he seems to shy away from discussing anything but how to acquire the skills necessary to do a good vinyl or leather repair. This may be to his credit. There are franchises out there that do draw glowing pictures of future profits.

Is there anyone out there who has some knowledge of this type of business? Is it a profitable niche?


Phil December 20, 2007 07:29 PM

Re: Vinyl & Leather Repair
Hi Gerard,

Google Vinyl and Leather repair and other related Keyword phrases for other options like...

Any business idea can be a Profitable niche if it's of Serious interest and you're ready to make it Work... :)

Do your Homework and Research it well on the Business and Yourself before you decide on things...

I still Question the Hard work part... Becoming a Lead Generation Consultant is much Easier with Great Profit potential that can cover Leather or whatever Services... ;)

But No matter the Choice... The Business one choses Must be your cup of tea for it to Work...

Also read up on the Vinyl and Leather industry...


Sandi Bowman December 20, 2007 08:15 PM

Re: Vinyl & Leather Repair
Had a friend that did repairs of leather as an offshoot of his business. From what he told me, it isn't as simple as it seems...the various kinds of leather, the processing method used, which layer the leather comes from, all affect how a leather object needs to be treated when being repaired. Make SURE that anyone you hire to train you knows how different treatments affect different leathers, and all about various dyes used, otherwise you may find yourself out of pocket when something doesn't turn out right. Advice: get good insurance coverage in the event of damages.

Sandi Bowman

layla17 December 21, 2007 12:28 PM

Re: Vinyl & Leather Repair
Great thoughts Sandi. I agree 100% with the insurance. It would be a shame for an employee to ruin a sofa and make the owner responsible for paying for a new one. Leather repair business is highly specific and would be a great niche to get involved in as long as special care is taken to know the different leather styles and treatments.

Sandi Bowman December 21, 2007 01:39 PM

Re: Vinyl & Leather Repair
Gerard, Layla's reply brought this to mind that may help you also.

You're basically talking to a person who is a salesman for a specific line of products (SEM). He probably has been SELLING their (or other) products in that field for so many years but it's not the same thing as him having actual repairing skills that he can teach you.

He may be able to teach you how to use SEM products to do certain things but he may be totally unfamiliar with repairs that do not necessarily work well with the products he sells. Therein is the rub. I do know that many individual products in a line (whether mechanics, leather, dry cleaners, etc) are not always the best one for the job no matter how well the rest of the line works for the jobs to be done.

Any good salesperson would be at least marginally familiar with other product lines similar to their own line but you'd be on your own to locate the company rep and learn how to use the other products if some part of the line proved less than ideal.

This is also your most likely explanation for his reluctance to discuss the financial and growth prospects of the business. He probably isn't privvy to that information unless he actually has a repair business upon which to rely for statistics and insider knowledge of the business finance prospects.

I would not rely upon this individual for anything more than a starting point unless all you want to do is become a salesman for SEM products, based upon what information you've shared here.

Do wish you all the best.

Sandi Bowman

P.S. Just a thought: make SURE you're not allergic to anything you'll be using, especially if it doesn't have a ready substitute product available. I had to give up professional restorations of antiques due to allergies...after I had spent much time and money learning the ropes, establishing accounts etc. OUCH. Just be aware.

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