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GordonJ August 9, 2019 09:38 AM

Quick survey question.
Selling for bigger income vs. DOING and being left alone?

Here are two choices: call on businesses to sell them advertising; on a menu, postcard, co-op mailing, or hotsheet (like a school event)

You would spend approx 30 hours a week, to earn 500 bux. You pay for your own gas, and do all the follow up. It is roughly a 16 buck an hour gig.

OR, would you just like a little side hustle, say Washing Windows, for 12 hours a week at 15 bux an hour for a small little helping of 180 dollars a week?

Think about it.

I think I know the answer, but could be wrong. My experience shows people in general HATE selling. Hate the idea of selling. Hate the rejection, and would rather do something where they didn't have to deal with people at all, like washing windows, or cleaning headlights.

Now, your answer will depend on your situation. If you need to make more money, because you don't have a job or a poor one, then maybe making the 500 dollars a week, no matter what is necessary, is motivation enough to want to do that.

If all you want is a little extra income, I believe the vast majority will opt for the DOING part of things.

IF it is truly Xtra income, which is not needed for your weekly expenses but is above and beyond, the 180 dollars a week, saved over a quarter (3 months) would give you over $2,000.00 to work with. Could you turn that into a bigger amount (of course you Chattelers can) and possibly create another income stream?

But, if the selling gig paid you 1k dollars a week for the same 30 hours, it might be a different ball game.

And that is both the beauty and beast of SALES. You are not limited to what you earn however, what you earn is tied to your success as a salesperson.

24 hours a week washing windows for 360, would get old pretty quick.

But DOING anything for short bursts of time, to get funding for bigger and better projects has always been a staple for us SowPubbers, eh?


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