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Dien Rice March 9, 2013 08:56 PM

"Would you like a syringe with your burger?" (Weird promotions)
There's a burger franchise based in Brisbane, Australia, which has been condemned by the Australian Christian Lobby, and also by a drug rehabilitation center...


Perhaps it has something to do with their promotions...

The franchise is called "Burger Urge."

In 2011, as a promotion, Burger Urge distributed 20,000 apparently blood-filled syringes as part of a promotion.

(Actually it's a pen. The red liquid is ink, not blood.) It plays on their slogan - "taste addiction." Their menu also has categories like "beef injection" and "lamb phetamine." Obviously, not everyone was happy with the promotion...

But did it work? Apparently, it worked very well!

Then, in 2012, they tried a different promotion...

For this promotion, they distributed condoms to mail boxes across the city. The condom packets had the slogan "get intimate with our new premium beef"...

Some people got angry.

But did it work to drum up business? The answer is, yes, it did...

It shows that "controversy" often sells...! Though - of course, it can get dangerous if it goes too far...

Here's where you can find more info about their unusual and controversial campaigns...

Syringe-inspired burger marketing ploy attracts pointed criticism

The boys at Burger Urge and their latest marketing stunt that's offending customers

How a burger business made its mark via controversial advertising

Burger Urge website

(I'm not condoning their promotions. But, I think it is an interesting example of a controversial commercial promotion, outside of the entertainment biz...)

Best wishes,


Phil March 10, 2013 09:40 PM

40 Examples of Extreme and Controversial Advertising & much, much more...

Thanks for Sharing once again, on Good ol' Controversial Advertising /Marketing... :)

As usual! ...

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All the best,

michellepinto March 12, 2013 05:51 AM

Re: "Here's your burger. Would you like a blood-filled syringe with that?"
Here is some creepy stuff

But I think such controversial ad making may damage the brand name in the long run. Better to be safe that sorry. Rather think a little harder and go the witty way than the dirty way. It is very difficult to revive a a brand than tarnish it

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