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GordonJ July 23, 2020 02:05 PM

Ohio Lottery Grimoire is speaking again (in tongues)...
And since it is speaking in tongues, my translations might be a bit off...

Now of course, I'M in, for PowerBall and MegaMillions, who couldn't use a 100 million dollar jackpot about now? Would I be really greedy to want to win them both? HA!

And although I'll have those tickets in hand, cause you can't win without a ticket (sort of a HOTSHEET itself) strategy is once again, little ball...having come off a decent run early in the month of double digits.

I again, got the patterns right on the Rolling Cash 5, just can't seem to break through to that 100k biggie, however 300 buckeroos gives me more chances to play.

Anyhooo....sez the Grimoire:

Playing 8 in the middle of the 3 digit for awhile, so two digit plays will look like 98X or X82 and those corresponding double digits...

like 989 or 282 those look good. But as always, I do the 88x, 8x8, x88 cause they pay decent money for a 50 cent play.

I had 2020, but Ohio said, NO, and came up with 0440, and Grimoire said to play triple 000 which I did, but not the 0002 which came up...being close doesn't get you anywhere but broker than you were. Good thing, I'm still pretty far ahead.

So, channeling most of my plays into the fantasy wins of big money, while keeping a few bux in circulation with pick 2 and pick 3 games.

There is your weekend update, let's go forth and WIN, shall we?


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