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Default Re: Marketing to new homebuyers idea

Home sales were actually up last month according to CNN Money. The new home inventory is still bigger than demand, but there are still a whole lot of homes being sold. There are less mortgages available to those with bad credit, but prices are a little lower in a lot of places, interest rates are great, and builders are offering unheard of incentives on inventory homes. This is a very smart time to buy (incredible deals here in the Phoenix area even though several thousand homes sell every month).

I don't know about your specific area however. If there are not a lot of home sales there then obviously marketing to buyers wouldn't do a lot of good.

Personally I'm trying to market to renters with decent credit to show what kind of incredible deals they can get right now should they decide to buy. It seems to be a lot like the stock market, everyone wants to buy when prices are climbing like crazy, then when there's a correction they get nervous and don't want to buy when prices are lower.

Maybe offering to market for mortgage brokers would fit the climate right now. Help people with ballooning mortgages to get a decent loan would be win/win/win. I think the marketing to new home buyers idea is still very hot in many markets though, I wouldn't write it off completely.
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