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Richard Vaughan
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Default Patriotism.

After the ribbing the US received on Roy & HG, I'm not surprised they're upset, if of course that's what they are.

I found this in the paper yesterday and you may have seen it on TV.

Debunking a few myths and telling a few truths.

I don't have a Kangaroo as a Pet,
I don't wrestle with Crocodiles,
And I don't wear cork hats.

I fight wars,
But never start wars.
I would rather make peace.

I can wear my country's flag with pride,
I am the rock,
I am the ocean
I am the island continent.

My brothers are the Smiths, the Wilsons, the Santarellis, the De Costis, the Wongs and the Jagamarras.

I play football without a helmet,
I like beetroot on my hamburger,
I ride in the front seat of a taxi.

I believe it's a prawn, not a shrimp.

I believe the world is round and
Down Under is on top,
I believe Australia is the best address on Earth.

Can you guess what this is an ad for?

Beer......and I agree with every word of it.

Richard Vaughan