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Dien Rice
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Default Hear the roar of that diesel engine!

Yo Michael!

I enjoyed your story on why Men Have Nipples.... Heheh :)

> Since the closing ceremony I've seen news
> from the US and news from the UK. And it's
> interesting to hear their take on Australia.
> And in particular Australia's performance at
> the games.

> From the US I heard... Australia had a
> target of 60 medals and fell short. And no
> mention of place.

> From the UK I heard... Australia had the
> best results they've ever had from an
> Olympic Games. And came in fourth.

> Two different ways the Australian results
> were relayed to people outside of Australia
> from two different news sources.

Ahh... I think there were probably plenty of different perspectives from all sorts of places, so I don't know if we can give these national significance.... :)

Though I have heard on the news (just then) that a lot of Americans have decided Australia would be a great holiday destination, since apparently NBC (who had the Olympics broadcast rights in the US) had a lot of stories on many different aspects of Australia....

I just have to say.... Come on down! :)

Your story reminded me of something I read about diesel engines....

When the diesel engine first came out, they were worried about how to promote it. It was more noisy than a gasoline (petrol) engine, and because it was so new, you could only buy diesel fuel from a few different stations.... It wasn't very common....

But by taking a different perspective, they turned the minuses into pluses!

They said something like,

"With a diesel engine, you really can hear your engine roar! You know the power from the incredible roar of your diesel engine...."


"Diesel fuel is so special, you can't just by it anywhere. You can only buy it from special stations, since it's a special fuel, not common and run-of-the-mill like everyday gasoline/petrol...."

Well, you get the drift. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and I guess part of being a marketer is finding that silver lining.... :) Perspective seems to be a very flexible thing....

- Dien