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Michael S. Winicki
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I think a good chunk of entreprenuers are neither the result of education (the education system in the U.S. does a pretty poor job of creating and supporting entrepreneurs... everything is geared towards look for a job, find a job, keep a job) or the economy.

The economy certainly has some affect. Some lose their jobs and are forced to make their own jobs. Others see opportunities in parts of the economy that are exploding with potential.

The greatest influx of entrepreneurs I see (and I spend a good 20-25 hours per week with start-ups) is the result of a technical type person thinking their boss/manager/business owner is a dink (can I say dink here?) and they think they can run a business better than the person they're working for.

Venture capital affects a very small percentage of entrepreneurs. Most get financing from savings, 401K, friends, relatives, credit cards. Bank financing and venture capital rank pretty far down the list.

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