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Christopher Lau
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IMHO, the Entrepreneur is born, not as much from economic or education factors, but because the individual has a dream of achieving something that their normal job/career cannot fulfil.

This can be economic. My father started a chinese restaurant he ran for 27 years, simply because he wanted to have the "security" of owning his own business and not worrying about getting sacked.

Education, more accurately, financial education, would likely have a impact if the individual gets a dream of having a better lifestyle (or the fear of retiring broke.) You can only guess what Robert Kiasaki's (spelling??) Rich Dad series of books have done to the mentality of many people, and the number of new enterpreneurs that have come about as a result.

I've been building and running businesses in different areas for 5 years now, and for me, things usually start from a good idea, and just running with it. I have the suspicion (spelling??) that's how most entrepreneurs idea or opportunity pops up and they just run with it, sometimes quitting what they were doing previously, sometimes working the new venture around their standard procedure.