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Michael Ross (Aust, Qld)
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Default My Radical Theory of Entrepreneur

Your questions sounds like those put forth in an assignment for school/college/university. Are they?

Here is my somewhat radical theory of Entrepreneur. I have not read about this anywhere else before. And most likely you haven't either. So you are reading it here first.

Anyway. Here is my theory...

You are far more likely to be an entrepreneur if you are an only child or born in such a situation amongst siblings it is as if you were an only child (maybe five or six years after other siblings were born). (This does not take into account being raised as an entrepreneur from entrepreneurial parents.)

The only child's companion is its mind. Without a brother/sister constantly around, the only child can "think for itself." The only child gets time away from "the system." The only child is FORCED to entertain itself (think). To "go it alone." To "figure things out." There is no fallback for an only child.

This "pattern" is ingrained into the child BEFORE it gets put into the system of school. The mental pathways have been set during those early developing years.

Does this mean you can't become an entrepreneur if you were born in a large family in the middle without hardly any years between siblings?

No. You can learn to be an entrepreneur. But it's not something that comes natural to you - as it does the only child or person who grew up like an only child.

My preliminary research shows my theory fits. Care to chime in.

Michael Ross

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