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Dennis Bevers
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I'm the middle of 5 children. My parents were entrepreneurs, starting two separate businesses while I was growing up. Years later, both my Mom and Dad worked as independent contractors. Their last venture was going into the antiques business, starting small and growing it into an antique mall with a number of spaces rented to others.

After quitting the military twice, and several other jobs, I choose the independence and prospects of self-employment. I've been self-employed full-time since 1987, and can't imagine every being an employee again.

What I a natural born entrepreneur or was it a "learned" inclination from my environment.

With one grandfather a farmer and the other an entreprenurial businessman, I believe it is a combination of genetics and environmental exposure to self-employment option.

I certainly wasn't a natural born salesman, but that is my vocation.

I hope my shared experiences help answer your question.

Dennis Bevers

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