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Default When United States got it's independence...

from the english, those english brought back with
them their English Bank System.

Come on, you just don't help rebels with crown
jewels just like that!!!

So the americans had to reinvent their financial
system. And a few other ropes Kings carry
in their bags.

Somehow they reinvented their financial system
not around Banks which tend to make rich people
richer, but around the Stock Exchange that was
invented or brought back into fashion by the end
of the eightteenth century.

So this organization of their financial system
around the Stock Exchange led some years later
to the huge industrial revolution where someone
with a good idea could make it big, and while
England was building it's "empire where the sun
never sets", United States was building its "land
of opportunity".

This "someone with a good idea that could make it
big" in the last sentence was to be later called
an "entrepreneur" by some classy intellectuals
of the 20th century, trying to perpetuate the
growth rate in the economy of that time forever.

Clearly the "entrepreneur" was born out of the
economic pressure of the King taking back home
his Banks and other belongings.

And the venture capitalist is the person (or orga-
nization) with money that beleives those classy
intellectuals about the "entrepreneur"s and
finances Silicon Valley and Boston High Tech
industrial center, either when there's an
opportunity or there's a big problem in the
economy like there was at one time in Boston.

So that's what approximately are entrepreneurs and
venture capitalists and their importance.


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