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Default because he does it as his JOB...he makes a job income

Originally Posted by Ankesh View Post
Good read on how one guy makes $500-1000 per week by buying and selling on Craigslist:

John McTighe did a similar operation, specializing in appliances...he wrote a report on this several years ago, buried somewhere in the archives.

Good for this guy for DOING. What he is doing wrong is not putting a small part of his weekly income aside to keep going up the ladder. His 900 dollar weeks could be two to three times that...but he doesn't go high enough up the ladder.

But he's DOING, which is more than most...he reached that week 7 or 8 I wrote about a decade ago...and this just proves there is money to be made on it a quick 100 bux or a nice weekly income...

OR, if so inclined, to pick up several hundred dollars on a single transactin...

He has a lot of labor, dealign with appliances, I saw NO musical instruments...cause he sticks with what he knows...

what I TEACH people is...

you don't have to remain ignorant forever...

if you picked one instrument a week...and studied and visited the year later you'd be an expert and have the networks to sell the stuff...another mistake this guy makes...

why not consign the stuff, get much more things a week and let other people do the selling.

STILL LOTS of places sellng used stuff and they pay for on craigslist...sell to the stores...

best IDEA is to buy a product and build a biz op around it, as I've written about several times...this is best for those in the country or with a small craigslist.

gordon, Mr. chattel

just noticed the limited time offer is still on this will be gone by tomorrow...thought I changed it today, is last day you get direct contact suport for the report...tomorrow, you're on your own.

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