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Default My helping someone is...

often UNappreciated.

Which is fine, I lose no sleep over it. I do tend to live in reality, however.

There is a made up world. Called TV. And it is mostly made up, even the so-called reality (unscripted) shows, which are heavily edited, or the Nightly News.

I start off my day, after writing quietly for a set period of time, with a coffee and Google News. After tweaking it to feed me what I want, I find it takes a very few minutes to get the news.

Today, it is hard for so many people to know what news is.

News today is about NUCLEAR accident in Artic Circle. That SHOULD garner our attention.

"News" about what the Conway's said (the updated and modern version of the James Carville/Mary Matalin contrived D vs R in the bedroom) is NOT news.

Any TV show which has Kelly Conway on it is NOT news. News is flooding in city. News is not the Mayor wading through the water.

As for my advice to those who sometimes solicit it:

I have a few questions:

Does the talking head make more money than you? If so, HOW? Are they being paid for their combat position, for their LOUDNESS of idea, for their slinging stones at common enemies?

A good time to insert BLAIR WARREN'S one sentence persuasion formula, a must know, must understand tool of persuasion.

People will do anything

for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and

help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Those of you that have the GJABIZ Direct Persuasion PocketPro will find this on Page 8.

So, what I ask those who ask for my help, guidance or assistance is about their NEWS habits, who and what they watch.

The other thing is how do you MONITOR your reactions?

Example. I'm driving down the road, apparently too slow (being 5mph over the speed limit{never had a ticket in 50 years of driving} ) and a guy blows by and flips me the finger.

How do I respond. I slow down slightly and give him plenty of leeway. And that is that.

Today, people are LOOKING for a fight. They want confrontation. They want to yell and scream at someone, anyone, even the little old lady crossing the street with a walker.

I was taught some key ideas about Stimulus/Response and some of you even watched my video on the subject.

All too often, we succumb to the Knee Jerk reaction. Someone gives us the finger, we give it right back. Or the thought comes into our minds.

I have tried to place a palace guard, something like a Knight, maybe a bad azz like 11 from Stranger Things, who can just extend her hand and banish the intruder.

This filter, which takes time to learn how to install it, gives me a couple of seconds to LOOK at the incoming thought, before I respond to it.

Call it a pause, a thoughtful expression, a moment of reflection...I buy myself some time before I allow myself to respond.

Today, at the very highest levels of so-called Leadership, we see unfiltered and totally Knee JERK reactions to everything.

And, what I teach, is that is often BY DESIGN.

Taking sides with Jim Carveille or Mary Matalin (at least they were smart enough to use different names) or with Mr. Conway or Mrs. Conway is a contrived DISTRACTION to take away from reality. It is the original unscripted but highly rehearsed reality show.

Much as the Clinton's were highly rehearsed, and between them, there was never a public statement made which hadn't been run through a focus group or opinion poll, and that led to the incredible dislike for Hilary and permitted the current POTUS to be as unfiltered as he wants.

The world at large is trying to manipulate you.

There are people who do nothing but design ways to get inside your head. As a student of persuasion these last 50 years, I have seen a lot of it, both in the business/making money world or in the world of trying to get you to do something else.

Conspiracy? The problem I have with MOST conspiracy theory is, it gives far too much credit to the people, I doubt they are smart enough (with exception) to have it all figured out. I think they are mostly followers, who do not monitor the thoughts which they allow through.

Because, like Blair Warren has shown us, there is SOMETHING IN it for them.

If you want to make money, OR exercise influence over someone or groups of someones, it begins from a REALISTIC understanding of what is going on.

Even today, as I retune into the CL Browns (after a 20 year break from them) the news is Baker Mayfield twisting his ankle, NOT what the talking heads think about him as a QB.

Man, we gets lots of crap tossed at us daily, make sure your have your Knight, be it El or The Hound, on duty and prepared for action.

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