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Default Most People Cannot Create Rapport with Strangers FACT

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,

I know this cuz only 1 in 20 can Give Away Money.

All of these Bullets are The RESULT of a NO WORDS Needed Method for Creating Rapport.

Without Rapport and Trust - NOTHING Happens.

As You know.


Well, can't argue that. Will give a perspective.

There is a difference between strangers and prospects. And will argue, rapport in person is much easier to gain than by remote means, although I grant the mail; candy jars, confetti cannons, etc, may have a similar effect as the moolah bomb...

Those things get attention, and perhaps rapport.

I suspect strangers are different than potential clients.
The Krug report doesn't do much with direct contact, and as an Internet Marketer, I have very little contact, going days upon weeks without running into strangers...

The ideas, the avatars of Wizard/Guru or whatever authority or personna you want is what is the important consideration of the report.

Having a guru/wizard avatar does the same thing remotely as a pile of cash and a lottery ticket might do in a restaurant...gains IMMEDIATE favorable attention, creates the rapport...only instead of getting free food, we try to get the other guy to give us the pile of cash.

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