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Default How one guy markets himself on "Quora"...

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Before I get More Specific…

#1 - Only Answer Questions that ALREADY have 20 Answers or more.
Popular Posted Questions get Read More often.

#2 - ONLY answer Questions You KNOW the Answers to. Or know HOW to Find Answers to. Specific Details.

#3 - RELAX and LAUGH as you read the other (previous) answers. Because 100% are Generic/General/Non-Specific/Not Actionable and Thus BORING.
Hi Glenn,

Great post!

It reminds me, I know of a guy who posts a lot of answers on Quora ... all to market his products!

Of course, he usually answers questions which are related to the area of his products. (He has info-products on military strategy and business strategy.) Though he does answer some "non-relevant" questions too...

Naturally, every now and then he drops a reference to one of his info-products (where it's relevant)!

Does it work? I don't know... But he's a smart guy, so I suspect it probably does... (A previous company of his, which he later sold, was one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America...)

Best wishes (and thanks!),

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