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Michael S. Winicki
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Good question...

And some good insight by Boyd, Michael and the others.

Many use "Motivation" as a way to boost "Self-Confidence". Think of motivation and self-confidence as two different guages. One goes to a Mr. Robbins seminar or hears an audio program by Dennis Waitley or some other motivational pro and wha-la they leave motivated and this gives them an instant self-confidence boost. Suddenly both guages are on "high". The problem being motivation wears off quickly. The guage drops and with it the self-confidence drops also. This is a problem. Most people don't have the capacity to quickly turn their newly found self-confidence into at least some minor victories, which adds even more self confidence.

Business is a marathon and not a sprint. Rah-rah motivation burns out long before the 'tipping point' of the business is reached. This is the point where a business is earning a profit for its owner.

As I've gotten older I've agreed more and more with the view point of author Mr. Robert Fritz, who says motivation is not necessary for one to reach their goals. He cites artists of all shapes and sizes that create works of art no matter what their motivational state. Mr. Fritz believes that if a person's structure is not of the correct type then a rah-rah motivational speach will indeed motivate short-term. But as the person tries to maintain the motivation level and use if for success, the person's structure stretches just like a rubber band. In a bad structure (to read more about 'structures' you should visit Fritz's web site at eventually the 'rubber band' effect takes place and the person is whipped back to the previous unmotivated, no self-confidence state. I don't think this oscillating pattern of extreme motivation and extreme lack of motivation is good or healthy. Plus it destroys the person's ability to build a level of self-confidence that lasts for any length of time.

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. The difference between the two is not motivation but self-confidence. The successful know and expect to make mistakes and they give themselves a chance to do that without beating themselves up over it. The unsuccessful worry about things that could happen (but probably not) like they could end up in 'debtor's prison' or someone could take away their birthday.

Anyway good question,

Mike Winicki