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Default A Chance to Give Back a Little Bit

First of all, congratulations to Dien on the new forum software. I didn't know Sowpub had been hit by a DDoS attack. (Been absolutely *buried* with work projects.)

Anyway, I came by to check out Sowpub the other day and saw the new forum software. At first, I wasn't sure I liked it. ('Course, it's not *my* board. ) But now I think I like it.

Well, let me get to the purpose of my post.

I don't know how many of you know Dr. Mani. He's a heart surgeon living in (I think India). He's also a pretty well known online marketer. Every year about this time, Dr. Mani puts on what he calls a blogathon. Basically, he blogs non-stop for 24 hours. And people that visit the blog pledge donations to help fund heart surgeries for children in need.

This year he'll be doing his blogathon on Sept. 9 - 10. You can go here to find out all about it...

This is your chance to show how generous Sowpubbers can be!

Rick Smith, "The Net Guerrilla"
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