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elizabeth aqui-seto
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Default Why do we have so many of the same

Hi, I've seen Gordon's and Dien's posts at various other discussion boards, but never really paid much attention to what was going on here at sowpub.

However, at a personal recommendation of a couple net friends this week, I decided to visit and spent a few hours yesterday browsing through many of the posts.

This is a really nice place to visit. My first impression was "it's like those hiking/camping trips I used to do years ago in Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario, Canada. My long weekends were so peaceful, happy and relaxing, I didn't want to return to the big city and my 9-5 job. I always remember that sadness as we approached the city and read the signs telling me how many kms to Toronto. There were even a few times when the sadness was so overwhelming that I had to make a conscious effort to snap out of it real quick as I knew once the tears started coming, it would be difficult to control the flow. Always nice to have dark sunglasses and a hat, so noone could see my teary eyes.

I feel visiting sowpub is that nice escape we all need in our busy lives. People appear to be very sincere and honest, discussion is pleasant and very enlightening, some topics are way over my head, far too heavy for me to fully understand, but mind expanding and challenging. And noone seems to get put down for their different ideas or concepts.

The board also appears to be a very active one. A lot of regulars posting, which gives one a sense of belonging and continuity, which for many of us is important.

So, I had a thought today, which I'm sure is so logical, yet I can't understand why many of us continue to reinvent the wheel. I saw someone's posting on another board. The person has already set up an ezine and was seeking advice about mailing lists, or something along those lines. Her question was not of any interest to me. I did visit her site and had the pleasure of reading her ezine, which was very informative and obviously she had put a lot of effort into the content. She mentioned that she would be working on a discussion forum in the near future. And I thought to myself, "No, please, not another one. Why not contribute or join forces with someone of like minds and consolidate your efforts!"

I am sure for most of you who moderate your own discussion forums, this is a labour of love. But can you tell me why some of us are so bent on creating our own forums, rather than trying to merge efforts? What is the big appeal about creating one's own forum. In an age when mergers and acquisitions among big business and dotcoms is so prevalent, do the same rules not apply here as well. I know it's nice to have a place where 'you' can be in charge. So is this mainly an ego thing? Can someone who is an expert on a subject not gain the same respect and 'fame' by posting to another's forum? Personally, I'd rather contribute to a few good forums rather than trying to create my own. Time is such a precious commodity, why would we not piggyback off the efforts of those who are already established? Now I know there can often be political and/or business reasons for wanting to create our own forum. But, is the tremendous work involved in such a project, really worth the effort and time.

Personally, I'd rather shop at one or two stores than spend my time hopping around 5 stores to try and find the one or two items I might be looking for. So, if I'm way off base on this "I need to create a forum" issue, please enlighten me.

Best regards.