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Dien Rice
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Default Re: Motivation and the entrepreneur

Hi David,

I think good solid hunger to achieve something can certainly help drive you to success. It has to be strong enough to push you through the obstacles you will undoubtedly encounter, and to stop you from giving up....

Does "Tony Robbins"-style motivation do that? I can't say for sure, but my feeling is that often people go to a seminar, get all pumped up, go home - and it wears off in a few days or so.

The motivation I'm referring to is much deeper and more of a solid driving force....

Another important thing about motivation, I think, is to have belief in yourself.... I know it's a kind of cliche, but if you don't believe you can do something, you won't bother trying... And if you never even try, then of course, you can't accomplish.

It's not the whole answer, but I think things like this can be an important FIRST step.... It will help drive you to try more things, learn more, and make more contacts - until you do succeed....

Well, that's my opinion anyhow.... ;)

- Dien Rice

Dave Barry's impressions of a Tony Robbins seminar... (pretty funny) :)