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Julie Jordan Scott
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Default Re: The HUGE underage dance party I have planned!

Hi Thomas!

Sounds like you have done a LOT of work on this project. Bravo for you!

I especially appreciate the pre-planning and fact finding you have done for your event. Another winning factor is partnering with Schools in a WIN-WIN situation. Always a winner.

I remember when I was 18 and could go to some clubs that allowed those who were 18-21 in, but your hand was stamped, identifying you as a "Non-Drinker". It was quite a thrill for me AND I imagine, as a mother, my mom would have rather not had me there with people who were drinking (and doing who knows what else!)

How many people are there in the age group you are targeting? That struck me as I was reading. I have no concept of how many people live in Melbourne (you know how we Yanks are, unfortunately do not have a huge sense of details about other countries.....).

You apologized for rambling, which I think is a good thing! Surprising discoveries are frequently found in ramblings that would never be uncovered otherwise.

Thanks for updating us, Thomas!