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Don Alm
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Default Hey Tommy Boy

"Hmm, and all of a sudden this got quite a bit more complicated than Right Click, save your photos, fire up video making software, upload to youtube, email the home seller, and Whammo! Presto.

Sorry I made this "more complicated" for you!

My "student" started out by
grabbing Photos
firing up PS3
uploading to YT
emailing (or Phoning) the home seller

She started out charging $297 then went to $497 then felt she had to "add more Value" so I told her to do the "Domain & QR Code" thingee. She's NOW charging much more than $497 for the extras.

One of my other "students" is NOT doing the "Domain & QR Code" thingees and STILL getting $497 from houses listed for $150,000 and more!!!!!!'s up to YOU! Do what YOU want and charge what YOU's YOUR bizness!.....I thought I'd offer up some "additional value" to the project!

Don Alm......freely offering "money-making" ideas
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