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Default I think the template is posted here, somewhere.

I believe Richard Dennis shared the template with the forum a couple of years ago. If you can't find it, I'll send you one.

Dien, consider this...

3 guys walk into your restaurant.

The first is trying to sell advertising space in one of those monthly Coupon Clipper type books. Trys to sell multiple entries, small coupon costs over 500 dollars

The second guy is trying to sell a space on a giant postcard be one of many for only 495 dollars...

The third guy is ME, I hand the owner/manager a little booklet...has a picture of his place on the is HIS coupon book...not one of dozens of ads in a coupon clipper type which gets mostly thrown away...

NOT one of a dozen on a giant postcard, most recipents have no interest in his business

OR, a custom designer booklet full of HIS special offers, meal of the week, buy one get one, free dessert day, birthday specials...and an incentive in the way of allow HIS cutomers to bring him new customers and get something for doing it...

So, MY sales pitch is to hand them the coupon book, with their NAME, logo and examples of possible coupons...they give out to THEIR customers with incentives for the customer to come back again and again and they can order in very small quantities to test ongoing expense like a contract in a coupon clipper...

NO hit or miss postcard mailings, a simple, affordable way to get repeat customers and NEW customers and turn them into repeat customers.

TRY it, I'll help you with the mock up and will just hand the coupon book to the person, they GET it, they order or they don' selling and no competition...

because this booklet is ALL about them...and they

don't share the space with anyone else.


And it can be repeated monthly

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

These are absolutely brilliant ideas... I can see how these could be quite profitable for local businesses (in multiple different ways, as you point out)...

First, is the template available?

I find this idea fascinating... There's a local restaurant I want to help out (hence my interest in "restaurant marketing" at the moment), this idea could be a great one for them...!

Best wishes,

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