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Don Alm
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Default Re: Anyone Care To "Kick" Around This Idea?

Holy's John Palma....IN THE FLESH!

I used to "converse" with you on some of the Forums 10 or 15 yrs ago. Good to see you are "Still Alive & Kicking" (excuse my French)

So.....back in 1995.....there was a guy in my area who visited Used Car Lots every week.....about 8 a day....where he would print out an "Info Sheet" about each vehicle and....stick it on the INSIDE of the rear window (on the driver's side) of each vehicle and.....charge the dealer $8 per vehicle.

He built up a route of 32 Dealers.....visiting 8 Dealers a day for 4 days.

I don't know if he's still doing this of MY money-makers in 2005 was.....taking 3 photos of each vehicle the Dealer got in each week and....posting the photos UP ON their Website!....for which I charged $25 per vehicle.

So....what if YOU were to make a website where you uploaded Info of each vehicle (Miles, Age...etc) (and maybe 1 or 2 photos)......and....your QR Code would direct viewers to your could GRAB their "Contact Info" so that on Monday Morning.....sales people could PHONE the Sunday Browsers!

Seems to me you could EASILY get $50 per Vehicle for this service. 10 vehicles a day = $500 a 5 days a week = an easy $2,500 PER WEEK!

All it takes is the conyonies to put it together.

Don Alm.....long-time guy WITH Conjonies

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