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Default How "free bonuses" can be used to sell a multi-million dollar product!

A common selling technique infomarketers use is the "free bonus" strategy.

The idea is to give away a lot of "free bonuses" with a high perceived value, so as to give the buyer a good deal.

(And they often can be a great deal! Sometimes the bonuses are more desirable than the product itself!)

What may surprise you is that this technique can even be used in the sale of multi-million dollar homes!

In New York City, one real estate broker is selling a $29.5 million dollar townhouse. But it also comes with a brand new Bentley - parked in the garage!

Another example is an oceanfront condo that sold in Boca Raton, Florida. It sold for just under $4 million - and also came with two brand new cars - a Tesla and a Jaguar!

Sometimes they give two prices - one with, and one without, the bonuses. That kind of kills the image of a great free bonus - but anyway...

One example like this is a $13 million dollar mansion for sale in Del Ray Beach, Florida. It comes with a 488 Ferrari Spider, and a custom-built 2,508 horsepower Midnight Express power boat! But if you don't want the extras, you save $5 million... which is quite a bit!

Anyway, this is how the "bonus" technique is being used, to sell multi-million dollar homes!

From supercars to underwear: Check out the perks that come with these mega-mansions

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