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Default Sand storms. Lubbock, TX. Drought. And critters.

West TX is not for the faint of heart (then what the heck am I doing here).

In the last few days: killed a 4 foot 8 inch rattlesnake. Cleaned out a black widow's nest, chased away an ornery skunk...became aware of scorpions, and that was just the start of my week.

NOW, dust storms? Gusts up to 60mph sweeping across the W. Texas plains.

Are we headed toward another dust bowl? Will the alfafa crop be destroyed?

Is there doom and gloom ahead for the Southwestern USA?

Will THEY (you all know the they) force the Great Lake States to send water to the American SW?

What's next? Locusts?

I can't get Marty Robbins out of my head, and his song of El Paso.

Having a pretty senorita may be, in my Yankee opinion, the only reason to come to El Paso. Don't be hating us now, it's just my opinion...

you Texans may say the very same thing about Cuyahoga Falls, OH, only difference is...

we DON'T have pretty senoritas there...they all moved to Calif. HA!
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